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Serene state of mind

Serene state of mind


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Sera o caos Sera a luz【シリーズ10-line】貝のリース 縦.jpg All 'Bout The Money【シリーズ10-line】:三色信号林檎

The proverb is true that Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach someone how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.
However, what if there is no fish in water area around them, or fishes are not left after overexploitation, or inedible due to water pollution?
This is mere allegory, but I feel that it's emerging in our state.
NOTE: I'm NOT writing about fishery.
Today, I borrowed the title and the most impressive line of a famous novel about a banker who strikes back as he and his young coworker face numerous obstacles from the bank's management -sorry.


So-called Bubble generations criticize younger generation who face job shortage and suffer from ill-paid labor, accusing that their poverty is brought upon themselves.
-As for those who didn't vote at elections, that might be true.
Those younger generation, so-called Lost generation repel that Bubble-generation still cling to lingering glory of Babble era, and what they expect after they reaped up the benefit of Babble era just because of the benefit from the time.
Roughly speaking, currently, our state is ruled by Bubble generations or older.
Especially, Central authorities are consisted of people who know only Bubble era.
Recently, I read astute analyses written as the most important line in the Novel about a Banker mentioned above:
Ordinally, work is for the sake of customers and society.
However, people older than Bubble generations had worked not for customers or society but for profits of their own.
 Such works go selfishly distorted, inward-oriented and obsequiously.
  As a result, organization go rotten, so does the society in the end.
That's how money game ignoring customers ruined the society, and made up Bubble era that ended up in collapsing and lead to job shortage age.

-Although this was written about ten years ago.
At the same time... I understand enough that the problem won't settle by giving fish to Lost generation.
May I ask for some wisdom or idea for solution? For example, how to teach them the method to fish in the way that fits with times.

-Me? As I've confessed, not so long after I graduated and started working, I had psychotic depression due to what is now called power harassment.
Back then, some unrelated people made a guess that the power-harassment woman was jealous of young people.
At least, it was certain that no young worker had advanced their career in this department, which is obvious from the fact that the youngest member except for me was twice as old as me.
No matter how many young new graduates they hired and assigned to this department, all of them applied for personnel changes or quit.
Putting aside my private past about twenty years ago, as is pointed out, we can have a side view that older generation treat young generation harshly in order to get away while they can enjoy the remnant of the benefit of Babble era.
If older generation do such things -for example, power harassment by bosses and senior workers,
Younger people can suffer from mental diseases or stress-induced illness, then healthcare cost, unemployment allowance expense and livelihood protection subsidy escalate -I was the one who caused it, although luckily I could avoid relying on welfare.
Those people might be unable to adopt themselves to society, and miss career-building opportunity to earn enough deal of money and pay tax a lot -so did I.
Also, they might lose the chance for marriage while they are young enough to have more than one child.
As I placed before, currently, as national wage is decreasing, public pension is reduced in conjunction.
I don't remember when and what media, but I still remember a single-line-satire contribution saying that We'll stop having babies and bring labor shortage, which was placed when job shortage became a serious social problem
 Now this is coming true.
  After all, regardless of generation or social status, if you selfishly pursue profits of only your own and exploit others, you'll call forth retribution
-I ended up in concluding innocuously with trite rule of the world.

(Translation: Unable-to-think-up-handle)

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What's HINKAKU【シリーズ10-line】:カラフルオーブ.jpg 必ず選挙に行きましょう【シリーズ10-line】:和風インテリアランプ Sound people Sound world【シリーズ10-line】:人力車のオブジェ.jpg

1. Sometimes, when I go to café to buy drinks, I see customers video-conferencing loudly without wearing mask.
It might not have mattered so much if they talk outside, but indoor seats; other customers must be concerned about infection risk.
Aside from feeling annoyed, I feel like worrying about their carelessness with leakage of important sensitive information.

2. Upper House election is coming soon.
Unlike Lower House election, it's carried out on schedule according to the law.
However, every time election is implemented, campaign cars run around, waking up sleeping babies, disturbing general public's work or study, and so on.
Those noisy candidates definitely spread negative impressions among voters.
 But this is still election feature.
  Don't they mind losing the vote not due to their pledges or achievements but annoying campaign?
By the way... Last year, I tried a national exam, but I was so close to passing and failed, so I'm studying for another year.
During the campaign period, a nationally standardized practice exam takes place.
I'd like to take this occasion to warn candidates never to obstacle; otherwise, I might decide whom to vote against.

3. Our state has already started accepting international tourists again since Pandemic came.
That could be fine, but then, at least, quarantine inspection needs to be strict.
So far, in coming to our country for sightseeing, Authorities request international visitors to practice thoroughgoing infection control, such as:
Only guided tours are allowed to visit, mask mandates, prohibition against talking loudly.

Putting aside right or wrong of these policies, and I have no intention nor right to force international visitors to do as Romans do when in Rome -or to do as Japanese do when in Japan,
It's for your own good to obey infection control rules if you value your own skin.
Otherwise, until Pandemic is really over, you'd better restrain yourself in coming to our country -the favorite term of our nation.
-Well, it might sound unfair and contradicting that Authorities announce to ease the requirements of wearing face mask to our nation and order mask mandates to international visitors.
Why such thing? As is already concerned among general public, what if new variant Coronavirus is brought and spread again?
So is Zoonotic infection currently confirmed in more than two dozen countries?

Our state may close down the door to foreigners again -which is not certain, since Panjandrums are too eager in inviting international tourists for quick buck.
At least, it stirs up ultranationalist White-hat wannabes.
If antiforeignism is widespread in our nation, in the end, it can be impossible to visit our country for sightseeing.
 Also, our nation will go reclusive and isolated. -What else?
  If such things happen, it's nothing but loss for both of us.
Authorities must learn a lesson from the past three years, and provide accurate information properly.
Otherwise, false information, groundless rumor, and slanders based on misinformation go prevalent

-As is already repeated in history and proved during Pandemic.

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生とせいとセイ【シリーズ10-line】:ツートーンカラーランプ2015 TrabajoOficioMisionY ...【シリーズ10-line】:赤青カスタネット Power of musicとは【シリーズMusic10-line】_ソウルマトリックスランプ.jpg

1. Reportedly, due to Pandemic, there are women who lapse into poverty and turn to selling themselves;
The very thing that was looked forward to by ignominious fossil men who see women as sexual plaything at the beginning of Pandemic.
 Needless to say at this late date, prostitution is against the law.
  But come to think of it, when it comes to this issue, compared to criticism for women who prostitute themselves, I seldom hear about how to crack down on MEN who buy sex
-While the main object of Anti-prostitution law is to protect women than maintaining public morals.
This was what I felt when high-school girls' prostitution disguised as pay for companionship was social problems and current topics.
Back then, as one of the teenagers whom adults make a sweeping criticism of, I was disgusted how it's unfair that adults accuse only schoolgirls and middle-aged men who buy those girls seem to stay with impunity.

2. Explaining simplistically... For example, there is a couple who are married for ten years or more, having their own business.
If the husband dies after he paid pension premium more than ten years, without receiving disability or old-age pension,
Husband's pension premium is lapsed.
In such situation, the wife can receive three-fourth of old-age pension that was going to be paid to her husband.
Grant age is from sixty to sixty-four; from sixty-five, the wife can receive old-age pension of her own.
This is called Widow's pension.
Its purpose is to prevent the husbands' pension premium from going to waste, in addition to life security of elderly wives.

 Then widower's pension is necessary as well, isn't it?
  Unlike couples of a salaried employee husband and a full-time homemaker wife, couples like mentioned above pay social insurance premium of each.
Also In case that a husband run business of his own and support his wife and pays National pension premium for two, if the wife dies without receiving annuity of her own, pension premium for the wife is nullified.
So is in case that the wife is not a salaried employee nor non-working dependent and pays by herself.
There is a system of Lump-sum death benefit, but compared to Widow's pension, the amount is very little for pension premium that had been paid.

3. Recently, I read that in a country on the opposite side of the Earth seen from our country, where has rich musical culture, a male singer with long career declared that he stopped singing one of his old popular songs.
 The reason is the lyric is too male-centered.

  Putting aside the right or wrong of this declaration,
   From this point of view, we could -or would have to say that too many of Enka songs in our country are antiquated.
Especially songs about star-crossed love; women just cry, hold a grudge, endure or wait for things to change after they get left in the dust by men.

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まず大人から【シリーズ10-line】:マルビル?いえアロマランプ0001.jpg What's HINKAKU【シリーズ10-line】:カラフルオーブ.jpg Sound people Sound world【シリーズ10-line】:人力車のオブジェ.jpg

1. This is what I learned and became careful very recently:
In writing English sentences, there is a sentence manner to avoid repeating the same words or expressions.
In Japanese sentences, it's regarded as a rule to unify wording and diction in expressing the same things.
Otherwise, it's incomprehensible what words express what, and both writers and readers are confused.
With this sense and point of view, English sentences can look confusing.
In teaching and studying English as non-native, we need to learn the difference of sentence manners, maybe at least from ninth grade or high-school.
At the same time, I cannot help holding questions about the reason why they avoid using the same words or expressions:
If they don't change in wording, those sentences look poor, and readers see that the writer is unintelligent, with little vocabulary.

2. In our country, in eating dishes from small plates or bowls, we are trained to lift those small dishes.
Because if food or drops fall from chopsticks or spoon, it's not only disgraceful but also soils table and clothes.
By holding small plate with non-dominant hand, even if you drop food, you can catch it.

We don't lift large plates or bowls, though.
On the other hand, I've read that in the neighboring Peninsular country, it's against manners to lift plates and bowls, even small ones.
The reason is if you lift dishes and eat, it looks like eating like a pig.
It's NEVER matter of superiority; food culture reflects the nature of the locality, social customs, cooking style, ingredients and so on.
 So does table manners.
  When it comes to face-consciousness culture, both nations are even, though. 

3. Compared to the past two years, from this year, mass infection cases have soared at schools, kindergartens, welfare centers for elderlies and so on.
Although I understand that it's simplistic to close down those facilities as infection control,
Central Authorities' command was not so different from conventional countermeasure; same old constraints on business of restaurants and bars. 
While not all the things are the same as before, I wonder all the idea they have is to whip up the flames of people's fear by banning general public's pleasure
-In other words, Panjandrums appeal general public how they work on infection control by knee-jerk reaction.
Somehow, it looks reminiscent of Suicide corps, just like social situation in our state under Pandemic has already been compared to wartime period:
According to an analysis by an Ex-bureaucrat Psychoanalyst, aerial ramming was unexpected for Allied forces.
 So at first, strike rate was pretty high.
  Soon, they detected commandos' pattern of attack, and more and more bombers were shot down before they hit.
But upper strata of Military authorities just blamed that soldiers lack in spiritual strength, and never reexamined the tactics, discarding numberless of young general soldiers’ lives.

This time? Medical workers' efforts, health center workers' labors, perseverance of children and young people are wasted.
As of May 2022, I don't have enough comprehension how to compare extreme containment going on at the neighboring Continent country in order to show off correctness of Authorities' ruling,
While I've heard that losing face means more than death for this nation.

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#SLT30-40-AndBeyond【シリーズMusic10-line】_UFOランプ EARTHSONG【シリーズ10-line〕:松ぼっくり 生とせいとセイ【シリーズ10-line】:ツートーンカラーランプ2015 

1. In spring sixteen years ago, Satou Chikuzen's weblog was infested by trolls.
Chikuzen took necessary measures, and at the same time, he set up his weblog so that only people who subscribe Rakuten and prove their identity can post to his weblog.
 Since then, many fans set up weblogs one after another.
  So did I, that was 5,800 and one more days ago.
   As a result, this move turned out to give us opportunity to meet and become friends with each other, which is the very opposite of vandals' intention.

2. Since the current massive Military invasion, I heard on the radio column that the West is trying to break dependence on energy from Aggressor state,
And this move is coincided with so-called sustainable development goals
, such as developing renewable energies.
Outrages by antiquated Dictator state are working as a boost to change the world better
 -Is it a kind of irony? Global self-purification? Or...what?
  This is another story for today whether Esudhiijiiizu are working as intended or exists only as empty words.

3. No need to mention at this late date that our nation is mother-hostile while pressing women to reproduce future human materials.
Once I thought a nonsense to strike back in case moss-headed child-haters bully expectant mothers:
"You have come to the world not through your parents but from a special container in laboratory or factory. No wonder you have no ounce of respect to life."
However...now, it seems that different counter phrase is necessary.
Because the Special container was actually developed in the Largest-population state.
Although this technology might save extremely premature babies and mothers suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss.
Also, the world would need international regulation to prohibit discrimination on the basis of method of birth in addition to nationality, race, gender, social status and so on.
In this country, overpopulation have been a major problem, and Authority forced strict birth control for a long time.
Now population growth is slowing down as they intended, but as they find that aging is going on rapidly, they selfishly began to force childbirth to general public.

Following those Authorities' points of view, what they must do first of all is to prohibit abortion for the reason that fetus is girl, isn't it?
They need to secure future child-bearing human materials, don't they?


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黒い壺_実際は七味入れ てれびテレビTV:【シリーズ10-line】:蛸坊主みたいなハンガーかけ sports-people-ship【シリーズ10-line】:ゴング?いえ卓上チャイム

1. Before Pandemic, corporate drinking parties like year-end parties and new-year parties had already been shunned not only by younger workers but also middle-aged workers.
 It's easy to make those year-end parties come back like before:
  Stop going for communal drinks regularly.
   At least, if you want to go for a drink after work, just people who really want to go should go, completely apart from business.
And hold those in-house drinking parties only once or twice a year.
It gives impression to employees that these events are special, and attract participants.
-Just like my workplace:
Before Pandemic, there were a few co-workers who went for a drink together after work about half of a week, but we seldom went for a drink with everyone except for year-end parties.
Partly because each member's working hours are not the same, and I have noticed that I don't drink regularly since I had psychotic depression.
And since I married, fortunately, there is no insensitive people who invite a wife for a drink while she has to go home and prepare dinner.
Restaurants are very crowded at year-end party seasons? No need to stick to year-end parties.
For example, you could hold foundation day parties instead.
Whatever... It's time to realize that workplace is a place to work, not pal club.

2. Last year, I disposed TV set which I hadn't used at all since I married -At last!
Also, I dissolved receiver contract with National broadcaster.
That's the very reason why I'm in favor of an idea to make National broadcast pay-per-use billing system.
Unlike seventy years ago, it's not impossible technically now.
Currently, just have a TV set at home, and we are forced to contract with National TV station and pay TV bills.
Also, We have to pay the same fee regardless of the time to watch National broadcast TV -less than one hour a week or twenty-four hours a day, which is their major problem and dissatisfaction source among nation.

It's fair if we have to pay the reception fee based on time to watch.
Another advantage: If National broadcaster introduces pay-as-you-watch system, it might ferment the awareness that Time is money.
Less people idle the time away in front of TV, and whole society may be more productive.

3. Less and less children play baseball these days.
The reason is not only the number of children is declining.
Baseball tools and uniforms take a lot of money, power-harassment by victory-chauvinism coaches, baseball teams for children still count on teammates' mothers' unpaid labor while both mother and father have to work in order to earn a living, and so on.
Adults have a sense of impending crisis; Currently, professional sports mostly means baseball.
But from now on, how about switching to soccer?

Player numbers of soccer is also declining as the number of children declines, but unlike baseball, it doesn't require specific goods.
There was a book about time management in 1990s pointing out that soccer is superior to baseball at the point of time management; The game time is fixed.
The game time of baseball is not fixed, and if they cannot settle the game in nine innings, they don't hesitate to extend the games, sometimes interminably.
Soccer game certainly ends in ninety minutes surrounding halftime, and even if the game is tie and extended, they settle the game quickly by golden-goal rule or penalty kicks.

As this book describes that conferences at companies in our state is like baseball, our nation is said to be careless about time while they are seemingly punctual.
 I've felt that it can be linked with popularity of baseball.
  Then if soccer leads professional sports world instead of baseball, our sense of time might change, too.

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生とせいとセイ【シリーズ10-line】:ツートーンカラーランプ2015 TrabajoOficioMisionY ...【シリーズ10-line】:赤青カスタネット 学園「世界」物語【シリーズ10-line】:何の羽根?

1. Optional dual-surname system? Of course, if this is legalized, some couples will make a choice to keep using maiden surnames in the future.
However, the move won't change that most of wives take their husbands' surnames if couples choose to use same family name -so did I.
Why such prediction? In our state, legally, marriage is based on mutual agreement between individuals' couple, but actual situation is still marriage of households and households, same as prewar.
 In short, it's a system that men enclose and rule women.
  More to say: For our state, marriage is reproduction system.
   After all, this state sees women as child-bearing human materials -or rather birth-giving machine, as a moss-headed sexist minister described more than a decade ago.
It's shown crystal clear by state's claim at a court over same-gender marriage saying that they don't admit same-gender marriage because of biological natural reproduction.
-Well... As for me, I've had inconveniences but more advantages by changing family name, though.

2. I've learned that standards for certification of overwork death have been changed.
But I feel it's doubtful whether workers are really saved.
No matter how they obligate employers to carry out extra health checkup and counseling for workers forced to work long overtime, carrying penalties to employers,
There will be no end of overwork death as long as there is a loophole in Labor Standard Act to legalize lethal overtime working hours.
Although I understand that what is required is not only legislation.

3. Although I'm not the right one to analyze whether the third world war is really coming, and I cannot write Russian nor Ukrainian by myself at all without using online translation tools, so I'm placing in English.
Putting aside future prediction, artless -or rudimentary question:
Why does the State that have no scruples about violating International Law and make wars still stay the position of permanent members of United Nations Security Council?
So does the State violating human rights of minority races, encroaching sovereignty of other nations, supporting suppression of democracy by the military junta, and so on.
It sounds absurd that this State currently hosts Paralympic game appealing peace, coexistence and diversity.
In the first place, permanent members of United Nations Security Council are dying to show off the states' power with nuclear forces.
 Then we could describe the Charter of the U.N. as pie in the sky.
  Today's title is a literal translation of this proverb in our language.
-Well... nuclear war has already begun practically when Aggressor state troop attacked a nuclear power plant and made fire break out, though.
At the same time...
Unlike our state eighty years ago, in the Aggressor state, general public are protesting under the risk of oppression by the Dictator president.
I was impressed by the news that international residences whose native places are both Invader state and Invaded state were taking part in one of the protests in our country.
Needless to say, the main culprit is not the nation of Aggressor state but the Tyrant who cling to illusion of a great country a century ago, isn't it...?
Then it cannot be irrelevant to accuse that the vandalizers and famacides who attack those International residents and their business places in our country are no better than the Autocrat.
Бесславный диктатор Путин,
Отбросьте свой детский эксгибиционизм и обновите себя.
Если вы вызовете ядерную войну, вы тоже умрете.

Немедленно выведите войска и уволите постоянных членов Совета Безопасности ООН.

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生とせいとセイ【シリーズ10-line】:ツートーンカラーランプ2015 All 'Bout The Money【シリーズ10-line】:三色信号林檎 まず大人から【シリーズ10-line】:マルビル?いえアロマランプ0001.jpg

I borrowed the title of Shania Twain's song again, but it's not her nor the album "Come On Over".

1. When I was clipping recipe articles on newspaper in the dining room, Husband said beside me that now that men are required to do housework, weekly gossip magazines targeted to middle-aged men should place recipe.
I agree; since it's still impossible to drink out freely like before, they should make some hors d'oeuvres at home by themselves instead of having their wives cook for them.
At the same time, no wonder they hadn't had such programs nor idea for it.
Because those magazines are targeted to moss-headed men who think of women as men's subordinate servants and convenient sexual plaything.

2. When consumption tax was raised, the subjects of reduced tax rate were food and periodical newspaper.
On the other hand, baby-goods and female sanitary items are not the subject.
Back then, criticism rose among our nation that this is a proof that elderly people get special treatment:
Panjandrums have applied reduced tax rate on newspaper which older generation use more, but goods for children bearing the state's future are ineligible.
 However, come to think of it, it was natural.
  Because in our state, older generation men are ruling everything on the assumption that society members are men only.
Men have nothing to do with menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth.

-Well, I know that this conclusion is wrong; Pregnancy doesn't come into existence without both men and women.
But in our state, this is supposed to be matters of only women.

3. Reportedly, less and less highest-rank college students apply for government officials, especially future central bureaucrats.
And more and more younger national civil servants are resigning.

General public bug about this and that how government officials tend to be forced to work long hours due to old-fashioned inefficient works, politicians boss them around and exploit, government offices have stiffening hierarchy with strict pecking order, so young superior students want to go into business world and earn as much as possible while they are young instead of serving to our state with no promising and no worth contributing to, blah-blah-blah.
When I heard the news, I imagined groundlessly:
Formerly, government officials were respected as elites within elites, and even after mandatory retirement, their future was assured by parachuting which is expressed as Descent-from-heaven in our language.
But now, Descent-from-heaven is target of accuse among general public.
Also, so many of those Elites who currently rule our state have been kept in cotton wool, and grown up to care about only protection of their own interests in Ivory tower, and as a result, they build up central government that is blind to the reality.
Facing such negativities, not so many young people are willing to take it upon themselves to build thankless career, unless they are very much aware of issues and strong will to contribute to our state.
Whatever... I insist it's much more serious that less and less college students apply for school teachers.

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It's not about Lynyrd Skynyrd, Husband's favorite, nor their song about alcoholism.

When Infection rapidly slowed down once, our nation began to hope for normal life.
However, to some people, "normal life" means life filled with bothersome duties.
I have no right to preach if they complain that it's better off under State of emergency than smothering life filled with obligation consisted of:
Commuters' hell, meaningless tasks for the sake of tasks to confirm pecking order, fruitless endless conferences, -the list would be a mile long.
For women -especially mothers, serving at husband's home and family who treat her as household servant without pay, getting pressed into free service labor at school, -which is another story for today.
One of them is drinking parties as a part of works at company.

Just after I set up this weblog, I was invited to an international Christmas party by a new friend.
 I talked with a man from Britain about Bounenkai.
  He described that Japanese company-sponsored year-end parties are more duty than party.
If that helps: Legally, "working hours" means the time when workers are under supervision and direction of employers.
It's judged by actual circumstances, not by company regulations or labor contracts.
Such as: Training is considered as a part of working hours, not a off-duty study to better themselves, if the training is related closely with their task and workers are actually obligated to take part in because it's disadvantageous for them not to undergo the training.

Then, is corporate drinking parties working hours, as this British man expressed?
There are some judicial precedents over industrial injury insurance admitting that corporate drinking parties are duty.
Perhaps among our nation, its argument would be endless, and before we settle the the argument, those obligated drinking party culture will go extinct as generational change goes on.

Roughly speaking: For older generation, drinking party with workmates and business acquaintances is respite and important opportunity to exchange information.
-At least, it was true during Babble era when companies could afford drinking money.
At the same time, constitutional nondrinkers are bullied; sometimes they are compelled to drink and killed.
And society was lenient with drunk drivers -so is still now.
However, especially for younger people, it's waste of time and money to hang around together with workmates and bosses even after work, drinking over destructive talks and boasting.
For younger female workers, drinking parties on business are accompanied by sexual harassment.
Some moss-headed men still insist that drinking parties are inevitable for smooth communication.
But I support opinions that it's unwholesome relationship after all if they cannot talk frankly without liquor, and drinking party on business is nothing but legacy of Babble era.
Active communication is necessary at the scene of actual business rather than drinking party after work.

Gone are the days when all adults are supposed to drink and you can blame the most of troubles by drinkers on liquor.
Now things are much more advantageous to nondrinkers, aren't they?
No risk of committing crime like drunken driving and violation while intoxicated, health damages like hepatocirrhosis and alcoholism, lawsuits over drunken sexual or power harassment, and so on.
Besides, you can live productive life every day, and save money.
Not like the time when there was no other pleasure but drinking, there are a lot of wholesome unwinding other than liquors now.
Women who want happy marriage life in the future had better find nondrinker husband -like mine,
At least, they must not marry men who drink more than moderate.
But still, too many restaurants on business at night are unfriendly to nondrinkers -including me.
Nondrinkers and families have very little choice at dinnertime.
I'd like to request those restaurants to stop drinker-oriented business, and change business policy so that nondrinkers and family diners can have meal as they want.
Then they can attract wider range of visitors, and sales rises.

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4. Current Premier appeals Ability to listen as his strong point.
I hope that it doesn't mean ability to select whom to turn ears and whom to turn deaf ears, distinguishing favorable things and unfavorable things in listening to others, or let unfavorable things go through his ear and out the other.

5. Pandemic has brought soaring unemployment, and payment of unemployment benefits and Employment Adjustment Subsidy is also increasing.
So Panjandrums are disputing whether and when to raise employee insurance premium.
Although I've heard that they are going to leave it unchanged until upcoming Upper house election
Social insurance is not a tool for election, is it?
Even though it can be a significant issue at election.
More to say: I order them not to charge extra premium in the midway of fiscal year.
Simply because it disrupts labor departments and front-line workers of general affairs division at companies.
Also: simplistically speaking, Labor insurance premium is calculated based on wages.
Then: If they want to collect more labor insurance premium, they must enhance the general level of wages after all.

6. I'd like to take this occasion to place a condolence for a young Actress who was born as a daughter of a national singer and climbed the success ladder brushing aside parents' coattails.
Her representative work is our language version of a worldwide-famous animation musical movie.
She worked a character voice of Little sister of a young Queen who has magic power of ice.

However, even if it's for a memorial to the Actress, we MUST NOT televise this movie.
For the sake of the Singer who was terribly attacked and slandered over its theme song.

 This movie must be Frozen in our state.
  I'd like to ask you for understanding: I NEVER suggest prohibition of DVDs, related CDs and books, or screening at theaters.

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