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Serene state of mind


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お知らせ Information

カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
Thank you very much for reading.
Today's weblog is about small pictures I always place with "10-line essays".
 Sometimes I place additional diary after I place a diary.
  Sometimes when I expect that whole sentences would be too long and take time for composition if I place at once, I divide and place multiple diaries.
In 2011, I named those "10-line essays" as "serial 10-line essays", and started to use certain pictures as distinguishing marks.
Since then, I use those distinguishing mark pictures to show roughly what kind of topic or theme I'm writing about.
Those pictures themselves have no other meanings.
After I introduced those distinguishing mark pictures of "serial 10-line essays" last time, those "serial 10-line essays" have gradually increased.
Today, I'd like to introduce those new "serial 10-line essays" that I added since then, and the one I changed the uses.

(In random order)

EARTHSONG【シリーズ10-line〕:松ぼっくり About environmental issues on the whole.

生とせいとセイ【シリーズ10-line】:ツートーンカラーランプ2015 About gender issues on the whole.

LeRougeEtLeNoir【シリーズ10-line】:スペード型フック "Le Rouge Et Le Noir" is a title of Stendhal's famous work.
In this language, The Red and The Black.
 Why did I name this serial 10-line essays with this title?
  Because: Playing cards with numbers and red and black marks, and the name of Home-country-First policy President who rose from well-known businessman, are both transcribed and pronounced the same way in our language.
I prepared this Serial 10-line essays after this White-supremacist President appeared on scene.
Regardless of the result of upcoming Presidential election, I'm using this distinguish mark when I mention about this country.

LatinVulgate【シリーズ10-line】:紅白玉子ペア When I mention about biblical events or borrow religious texts.
Why the picture of eggs? I had no idea else but to associate with Easter Eggs.
How do I learn English religious texts? That's simple.
In summer 2019, I bought a Bible for myself, and selected Bilingual Bible in Japanese and English. (Japanese re-translation in 2017 and English Standard Version)
For this weblog? Partly.
I attend chapel on Sundays with Christian Husband since I engaged to him on New Year's Day in 2018, but I haven't been baptized as of August 2020
-While Husband and the Pastor of the church say that it's up to me and Divine Guidance whether and when I receive baptism.
More precisely -or frankly, I'm still cautious about receiving baptism, I confess.
At the same time, I suppose that's why I don't need to feel hesitation to inflate my imagination and questions based on biblical events freely, and apply to daily life and current social situations with my own points of view.
If I change my mind and receive baptism, it might influence on this weblog, so I would notice at the end of the year or the beginning of the next year.

学園「世界」物語【シリーズ10-line】:何の羽根? Once I placed a series of fictitious school stories, but I closed.
However, when I was placing those stories, there were targets for comparison,
And after I closed the story series, I use this distinguish mark image when I want to write about those targets for comparison.
If I change file name, error might occur, so I'm not changing the file name.

These are "Serial Music 10-line essays".

#SLT30-40-AndBeyond【シリーズMusic10-line】_UFOランプ About Sing Like Talking and each member and their works, except for "Favorite, recommendation".
I prepared this distinguish mark on their 30th anniversary year.

Power of musicとは【シリーズMusic10-line】_ソウルマトリックスランプ.jpg When I place about significance, possibility and power and so on, of music.


Come to think of it, the original reason is already lost why I keep this weblog in two languages
-Although one of the current significance is different language gives me different points of view.
 Today is 5,200th day of this weblog, and I'm still doing such thing.
  Does it mean there are certain reasons of my own? I suppose so.
At first, I was placing about one third of weblog in this language, assuming to share more widely and shallowly.
Also, on the assumption that this language can be read by anybody, but our language is read only domestically.
As I look back now, from 2010s, this language section looks more substantial than our language section on the whole,
 Because somehow I tend to place important things on "10-line essays".

  But I'm not expecting that this weblog is read internationally.
   Even so, just let me keep on.

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
Thank you very much for reading.
Today is 4,700th day of this weblog.
As I've noticed, basically I avoid using proper nouns on this weblog, except for weblog about music.
Simply in order to be searched less easily.
As a result, I've devised alternative expressions to indicate various countries and people.
Also, it seems I've formed some kinds of habit or pattern in writing
At the same time, I need to place apology for roundabout sentences.
Here's the alphabetical list of those words and expressions.
I haven't found expression in our language for the last one.

Assemblywoman/man (and various occupation names): I'm aware that nowadays we are required to use non-gendered names of occupations and positions. And when I place about people, I avoid identifying gender as much as possible. But occasionally, when I want to -or need to identify gender, I've used gendered old expressions instead of politically-correct words.
Capital Prefecture: Capital of our country. Sometimes it's not only substitution for a place name but also central administrative system in our country. "Capital City" is capitals of different countries.
Current: When this word comes in front of official position, organization names, events and so on, paraphrase it as "as of the date when the weblog diary is placed". "Former" "latest" "upcoming" are also ones of those words.
General public: Ordinary people or nation. Sometimes it's a phrase contrasted with "panjandrums""authorities".
Longest-operating spacecraft: Twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft. However, from 2017, when I mention about space exploration or agencies, I usually place pictures of this plastic model, so there might be no need to explain.
Neighboring: If there is nothing mentioned particularly, alternative expressions using geographical features and location and direction are from the point of our country.
Online postings: Sometimes it's others' Twitter or weblog of general public, and sometimes, comments posted on news websites.
Our country: The country where I have legal nationality in, even when I'm staying different countries. By any chance I moved to different countries and nationality changed, it would be necessary to think up different alternative expressions.
Our language: Native language I use in daily lives. Whereas, "this language" is language used in writing "10-line essays", "Music 10-line essays" and "Favorite, Recommendation".
Panjandrums: General term of governing classes with central political authorities. This word often reflects indignation and irony against politics.
Sex pests: Chauvinist pigs who commit sexual harassment, especially men who cling to ancient thoughts that lasciviousness is men's nature and treating women as materials is men's privilege.
White-hat wannabes: General term of people who accuse social evils, immorality and indiscretion, both in real world and online. In many cases, their real aim is temporal sense of justice and transient venting, rather than righting the wrongs. They often mix up defamatory hates and slanders with sound arguments, and attack even others' words. As a result, they encourage building intolerant society, and bring themselves degeneration.

cf. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary in my IC dictionary.

:Ready to place summery if asked

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
(数あるアニメ・特撮ヒーロー番組からなぜ「ウルトラマン」かというと、V6の「Take Me Higher」が「ウルトラマンティガ」のテーマソングだったことが決め手で。by自称・隠れV6ファン)







Thank you very much for reading.
Today is 12th anniversary of this weblog.
At first, when I started this weblog with two languages from the beginning, the purpose was "お知らせ information" and "Favorite, recommendation".
But now, come to think of it, there is no particular reason why I'm still doing such thing.
At the same time, I realized that one of the reasons is different language gives me different points of view.
However, recently, sometimes I find cultural barrier when I'm typing with different language.
For example... Once I searched Japanese-English dictionary and used a phrase collective responsibility, a favorite term of our country, without thinking deeply when I placed about sex pests in political world.
Lamentably, it's nothing but a shame that things hasn't changed at all since then, which is another story for today.
But according to a comedian from a country using this native language, there is no translating this concept into this language because such concept doesn't exist in this country.
Although I don't think this weblog is read by so many non-Japanese-speaking people, just let me keep on.

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
 くっついて並ぶ猫2017 おやつちょーだい_2017






Thank you very much for reading.
Since I started this weblog and the way using two language has been settled,
 Basically, I avoid using proper nouns 
  -Names of people, cities and countries, businesses and institutions,
   Simply because not to be retrieved too easily.
    I also avoid identifying gender as much as possible
     -Except for weblog related with music.
For example, I express cities and countries with geological formation, azimuth direction and position.
 I use name of occupations and positions instead of people's names.
  So excuse me for roundabout expressions.
   -Although sometimes there are exceptions.
However, recently, I read that some English-language media started using "they" as the gender-neutral third person singular.
So I'm going to follow -but on the second thought, I cannot figure out how to use yet.


Who is 280,000th visitor!?

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
特に、10-line essays・Music 10-line essays・Favorite, recommendationは、下書き・スペルチェックなしにいきなりブログ更新画面に打つという大胆な真似はしません。

 タイトルの誤字脱字を修正、という場合ももちろんあります ―ですが…
大抵、10-line essays・Music 10-line essays・Favorite, recommendationを書く日に、タイトルと要約を端的(もしくは適当)に書いたメールと一緒に写真をまとめて送っておき、用意しておいた文をそれに上書きします。

 SING LIKE TALKING/佐藤竹善さん、あるいは角松敏生さん ―と思ってくれて間違いないと思います。



Thank you very much for reading.
At first, I intended to place "Favorite, recommendation" and "お知らせ Information".
That's why this weblog is consisted of two languages.
But from the end of 2012, I migrated "お知らせ Information" about music to MySpace.
And I understand that with the lapse of time, "Favorite" is losing the significance.
So now -maybe from 2011, sometimes I place weblog equal to "10-line essays" having the form of introduction of CDs, especially when I place CDs of big-names.
Even so, just let me keep on
-Although I don't think or expect that this weblog is read by so many non-Japanese-speaking people.

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
これがきっかけでブログを始めることになったのも、結果SING LIKE TALKINGファン友達ができたのも、ある意味ご縁と感謝しております。
せっかくなので「お気に入り・お勧め紹介」と「Favorite, recommendation」に載せたアーティストをここらでひとまとめに一覧にいたします。

Ana Caram
Jackie Rawe
Michael Gettel
Zap Mama

<Favorite, recommendation>
THE BLUES POWER ~blues.the-butcher-590213


元々「Favorite, recommendation」のカテゴリを作ったため、日本語と英語が同居するブログになっているわけですが、


Thank you very much for reading.
Tomorrow is 10th anniversary of this weblog.
Now, it's age of Twitter and Facebook, and not so many friends whom I've met through Rakuten weblog as fans of Sing Like Talking are keeping on weblogs.
However... as I confessed:
I'm not going to dabble in Twitter, because I couldn't find any advantages other than following my favorite musicians,
And posting short sentences too easily can lead to posting without much thought, which goes against the grain.
So far, I haven't dabbled in Facebook mainly for two reasons.
First; once social-harassment was rampant around me.
Fortunately, it was just when I was wondering whether I should start Facebook, and after I declared I'm not using Facebook, the ringleader didn't try to force me to start Facebook anymore,
But since then, I just CANNOT dabble in.
Second; recently, I happened to find parents were using Facebook.
I might start Facebook in case when I really have to, with the rule of "NO unintended use".
Other social network service such as Instagram? I'm occupied enough with only this weblog and MySpace at the point of May 2016, so I cannot afford extra time and energy.
Anyway... as for this weblog, I'm going to keep on at least until I place 100 articles on "Favorite, recommendation".
From 2011, not all the diaries on "Favorite, recommendation" intend to introduce CDs and musicians.
I don't think this weblog is read by so many non-Japanese-speaking people nor effective so much.
But even so, let me keep up.
Best regards.

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
Thank you very much for reading.
Today is 3,600th day of this weblog.
I don't think this weblog is read by so many non-Japanese-speaking people nor is effective so much.
 Besides, this weblog doesn't accept postings with only English one byte characters.
  -But just let me keep this up.
If there are readers, some of you might wonder what those small -sometimes funny pictures on "10-line essays" are.
Actuary, those pictures themselves have no meaning. However-
Sometimes I place additional diary after I place a diary.
Sometimes when I expect that whole sentences would be too long and take time for composition if I place at once, I divide and place maltiple diary.
From 2011, in those cases, I use those pictures for distinguishing marks of "serial 10-line essays".

(In random order)

人は見た目が…?【シリーズ10-line】:クリスタルの蓮 : About outward appearance and self-esteem

まず大人から【シリーズ10-line】:マルビル?いえアロマランプ0001.jpg : Children's society is said to be refrection of adult society.
Then; recently, there are numberless problems related with children, especially in schools, but adults must change themselves and do something first.

電脳用心【シリーズ10-line】台湾・タロコの橋の欄干 : Topics related with information technology on the whole

しんぶんりぽーとにゅーすなんでもござれ【シリーズ10-line】_苺籠 : About media and news, excluding TV

装うということ【シリーズ10-line】:セキレイの一種らしい鳥? : Topics related with fashion and clothing

All 'Bout The Money【シリーズ10-line】:三色信号林檎 : Topics related with money on the whole

必ず選挙に行きましょう【シリーズ10-line】:和風インテリアランプ : About election as a mean to take part in politics -low voting rate is nothing new.

てれびテレビTV:【シリーズ10-line】:蛸坊主みたいなハンガーかけ : About TV on the whole -from contents of TV programs to broadcasting system

学園「世界」物語【シリーズ10-line】:何の羽根? : A series of fictitious school stories as analogy, which I already closed

NO starting smoking【シリーズ10-line】:迷いモンシロチョウ2010 : Topics related with tobacco
NOTE: Let me make an excuse that since I've suffered from chronic bronchitis, I'd like to ask everyone to refrain from smoking within a radius of ten meters from me.

東日本大震災によせて【シリーズ10-line】:ピンクのろうそく : At first, this "serial 10-line essays" was about 3.11 earthquake -but for the past couples of years, disaster measures are included, too.

Sound people Sound world【シリーズ10-line】:人力車のオブジェ.jpg : Based on a thought that each person's health and happiness lead to bright and sound society.

Space and Universe【シリーズ10-line】:砂時計 : Topics related with space exploration from 2015

Sera o caos Sera a luz【シリーズ10-line】貝のリース 縦.jpg What's HINKAKU【シリーズ10-line】:カラフルオーブ.jpg Thought-attackers【シリーズ10-line】:鉄瓶2014 : -As for those three, still unable to describe, and sometimes the topics and contents are mixed up.

At the point of April 2016, there are fifteen -excluding the one I closed, but I might add several more.
 If the photo is top of the weblog, this is "serial 10-line".
  If the photo is bottom of the weblog, this is one-off
   But sometimes, one-off "10-line" can change to "serial 10-line".
    Best regards.


Who is 170,000th visitor!?

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information

・メッセージは「Show more」をクリックすると全体が表示されます。
・掲載している音楽をお聞きいただくには、右へスクロール →曲名をクリックして再生ボタンを押すと再生できます。
・曲は最大5曲までしか表示されませんが、「Top Tracks/View All」の「View All」をクリックすると、全曲表示されます。




cf. http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/News-Center/News-Article.php?page=20150704


Thank you very much for reading.
Recently, a question came to me how to view MySpace.
If I post the explanation as a message, it will be lost among other messages,
So I made a cover picture to place on top page.
At the same time, I'm placing the explanation here, too, for regularity's sake.

・When you view MySpace, scroll sideways. Scroll bar is at the bottom of the screen.
・If messages I post are long, click "Show more", and you can read the entire sentences.
・To listen to music on MySpace, click titles and triangle "playback" icon.
・Just five songs are displayed, but click "View All", and all the songs are displayed.

Sincerely yours.

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
Thank you very much for reading.
Today is 3,200th day of this weblog, so I'd like to place outline of this weblog once more.

・Title:Serene state of mind
・The origin of the URL "13thnightmoon":

When I set up this weblog in haste, I thought of using a song title of my favorite singer Chikuzen Satou, who uses the same provider of this weblog.
The song I thought of first of all was "Juusan-ya no tsuki"(the moon on the thirteenth night).
In Japan, the moon on the thirteenth night of the ninth month of the lunar calendar is said to be the most beautiful after the harvest moon.

・Letter colors
Red: Strongest emphasis
Blue: Emphasis
Orange: Title of songs
Blue-green: Title of albums and books
Light blue: People's names
Yellowish green: Other proper nouns
Purple: Quoted sentences
Gray: Supplementation
Pale gray: Referred URL and dates
Black: Dates, sentences of parts I express as fictitious stories,
 When I introduce stories of movies or books, (Japanese section only) question sentences of "baton"
But basically, I avoid using proper nouns, except for diaries about music.
Even when I express countries, I use alternative expression of direction and geographical features.
As for people, I describe them with official position and occupation names, and try to avoid specifying gender as much as possible.
So excuse me for roundabout expression.
-Although sometimes there are exceptions.

・The small pictures on "10-line essays" and "music 10-line essays":
They are not related with diaries.
Sometimes I place additional diary after I place a diary.
Sometimes I divide diary and place several times when I expect that it would be too long and take time for composition if I place all in one diary.
In those cases, I use those pictures for distinguishing marks of "serial 10-line essays".
If the distinguish mark is above the diary, think of it as "serial 10-line essays".

Colored according to the default settings: jumps to other pages of my weblog
Colored differently: jumps to external websites.



I don't think this weblog is read by so many non-Japanese-speaking people nor is effective so much.
And this weblog is not accepting postings only in English one byte characters.
-But even so, let me keep this up.
And please excuse me for minor idiom or grammar mistakes.
Sincerely yours.

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カテゴリ:お知らせ Information
―今のところ「Post」か「Event」でいいのかな? と判断しておりますが。
まだまだ、マイスペは使いこなしきれておりません ―勉強しときます。


Thank you very much for reading.
Excuse me for not renewing MySpace for about three months.
Two days before, when I logged in MySpace to place live information, I got perplexed to find its specification had changed drastically.
I haven't understood how to use MySpace well yet.
So far, I expect that it's OK if I place live information on "Event" section or "Post".
Best regards.

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