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Serene state of mind

Serene state of mind


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Music 10-line essays

カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays
I'd like to take this occasion to place a condolence for the passing of the great composer Vangelis.
As long as I remember, like many of general listeners, I came to listen to his music as movie themes, such as Chariots Of Fire, Blade Runner, and so on.
Also, I'd like to place appreciation that he provided great works for our country; "Antarctica", and "Anthem" for soccer World Cup in 2002.
But unfortunately, most of individual albums seem to be hard-to-find in our country.
When I found out about "Rosetta", an album inspired by a comet exploration mission, I had to order it from an online shop.
Later, I married.
One of Husband's favorite works of Vangelis is Aphrodite's Child's album "666" which is based on the Revelation.
When I listened to this album, I thought: If "Rosetta" is Cosmos, "666" is Chaos.
He is a Christian, and after he got baptized, a commemorative gift from his friend at church was a DVD of "Chariots of Fire".


After I saw the news about the passing of Vangelis on newspaper, I listened to "Rosetta" again,
 And searched to find about his album "Juno to Jupiter",
  And realized that this year is 45th anniversary of twin Voyager spacecrafts,
Which I had forgotten due to Pandemic, and studying for a national exam.
I'm going to keep "Juno to Jupiter" as a revel after the exam.
I remember reading that when young Vangelis took up composition, adults around him asked where his music came from, and he pointed above, meaning universe or heaven.
Now I wish he would give inspiration to current composers on Earth from Heaven.


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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays

After Chikuzen made a release of "Don't Stop Me Now -Cornerstones E.P.-",
He held live concerts performing with big band jazz orchestra in Tokyo and Osaka.
This album includes all the seventeen songs performed at the concert in Osaka, and he made a release of this album as one of the "Cornerstones" series, his cover works album.


Chikuzen named Big band jazz orchestra that performed with him "Rockin' It Jazz Orchestra".
He praises those musicians, describing that "top of the top of the top...".
Just listen to "Birdland", and you'll see what he means.
"Rockin' It" is an old expression, but he used this phrase to express the excitement of the stage, and to show how the barrier of music category is low by performing famous songs of pops and rock with jazz orchestra.
He selected well-known rock and pop songs that would sound familiar to many people, and intended to interlace those famous songs and big band jazz orchestra's authentic style.

One of the songs is "Together", a popular song of Sing Like Talking.
Chikuzen says that he expected how it would be exciting to perform this song with big band jazz orchestra, and simmered the idea so that he could make this performance come true someday.
"Do I Do" is included in "Cornerstones E.P.", and in this album, this song is performed with a salsa band Salsa Swingosa.
 This time, this song was arranged for performance with jazz orchestra.
  How about comparing those two performances?
Those songs are arranged by the trumpeter Eric Miyashiro.
He didn't take part in concert in Tokyo, but he came to Osaka.
Eric says: He and Chikuzen are the same age, so Chikuzen's selection of songs and his taste were similar.
It was exciting to arrange those songs, but it was a hard work because all of them are famous songs.
Even so, he thought Chikuzen's fabulous singing as a part of instruments and worked on arrangements of harmony and rhythm, which was an adventurous challenge for him.

Several of the songs are performed with various style of horn section; sax ensemble, trombone ensemble, jazz trio with a trumpet...

This album is on sale on April 22, 2020.
 Analog record is also on sale on May 27, 2020.
  Due to Novel Corona-virus infection, many concerts and events that he planned to take part in were canceled.
But during winter, he was working on mixing of this album.
I'd like to expect that he devoted his passion to this album all the more instead of those canceled concerts.
Chikuzen says on the radio that this album would go best with #StayHome.

(Translation: Unable-to-think-up-handle)

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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays

Chikuzen from Sing Like Talking has been working as a solo singer in parallel.
One of his principal works is cover works, which is still underestimated in Japan.
This is named "Cornerstones" series; he performs songs of all ages and countries that he thinks they underlie music he creates, providing arrangement to bring out appeals of original songs.
-A series of popular cover albums filled with Chikuzen's respect for music.

All three members of S.L.T. call themselves Queen buff, and believe that they've been influenced by Queen the most after the Beatles, which I introduced before.
But considering the background and his respect for Queen, he hasn't performed so many Queen's songs.
He performed "Love Of My Life" included in the first album of SALT & SUGAR.
This time, he is recording "Don't Stop Me Now", and placing the song title on the album.
I wonder why he selected this song from various songs of Queen.
When Chikuzen was a high-school boy, he won a prize at a music contest.
At that time, one of the songs he performed was "Bohemian Rhapsody" mixing phrases of "Killer Queen" into the opera section.
Incidentally; he appeared on stage with sweat style after the fashion of Freddie Mercury, but unfortunately, he belonged to judo club and had a close-cropped head in accordance with club's regulation back then.

"Don't Stop Me Now" is arranged by a big band lead by Eric Miyashiro.
So is "Vision", a song Chikuzen wrote for this album.
Other songs are arranged by Salsa Swingoza, Takana Miyamoto, and Toku, a singer and a flugelhorn player.
"Don’t Stop Me Now -Cornerstones EP-" is on sale on October 23, 2019.

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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays
No need to explain at this late date about this movie thematizing trajectory of Queen.
-But first of all, the biggest news of last year: I married last November.
Why do I place such event here? I predict that it can influence on what I place on this weblog and MySpace.
At the beginning of last December, we went to Chikuzen Sato's Christmas concert together as early Christmas date.
Just under Queen boom coming from the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", as a tribute to Queen, they performed "Teo Toriatte".
Husband was in high spirits to watch the stage.
Actually, Chikuzen says that all three members of Sing Like Talking call themselves Queen buff, and he believes that they have been influenced by Queen the most after The Beatles.
At that time, I decided that I want to watch "Bohemian Rhapsody".
About two weeks later, we went to this movie.

I belong to generation that didn't witness Queen's trajectory in real time, and Freddie Mercury was already in Heaven when I began to search for my favorite music from various countries.
So I cannot say anything about the dramatized parts.
Even so, I suppose it can be proud if our country could be a part of contribution to Queen's worldwide popularity -we must appreciate Kaoruko Togo, one of the key architects who contributed to Queen's popularity in our country.
The line saying that band is like family -no matter how they are living together in harmony, sometimes oppositions and conflicts happen in their long lives
-This convinces me as I think about the trajectory of my favorite band.
And it sounded like an admonition to me who just experienced an important turning point.


What interests me about Queen NOW is not this film nor their songs, but Brian May's latest song "New Horizons".
On this New Year, New Horizons spacecraft successfully flew by a Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule.
On this day, Brian May presented his new song dedicated to New Horizons program to public.

Although now I can name my favorite songs of Queen more than I can count on one hand, I still might not appreciate Queen enough.
But as the one who used to be immersed in space exploration until I backed down once, and came back when I learned about New Horizons' Pluto exploration,
Since I heard this news, and found out that Brian May also celebrated Hayabusa2's arrival at asteroid Ryugu,
I instantly grew fond of current Brian May, a guitarist from Queen and astrophysicist.
Incidentally... my favorite song of Queen is "We Will Rock You", and Husband's favorite is "Show Must Go On".

Space and Universe【シリーズ10-line】:砂時計

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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays

This year, Sing Like Talking celebrated their 30th anniversary.
This is a Christmas gift in this year from Chikuzen Satou:
From 2013, Chikuzen has made a release of three albums themetizing Christmas.
At first, he planned to make a release of Christmas albums every year.
But in 2016, he didn't record Christmas album but "Cornerstones 6" performing with orchestra.
Last year, their highest priority was to prepare for 30th anniversary.

Instead, every Christmas season, Chikuzen goes out on tour titled "Your Christmas Night" with a jazz trio he trusts a lot -"The Jazz Creatures":
Piano: Takana Miyamoto, Bass: Yousuke Inoue, Drums: Yoshihito Etou.
The group is named because they met and performed together first at Sakai-minato, Tottori, where is famous for ghost manga.
In this Christmas season, they are going on tour from Nov.18.
Chikuzen's Christmas work in this year is:
Seven of those live-recorded songs collected at Christmas concerts.

And two songs recorded newly are included:
"Ayumi (step)" -Original song is by wacci. Chikuzen covers various songs he respects, regardless of younger or older generations.
"Christmas Time Is Here" is recorded with Ponta Box -a jazz trio lead by a drummer Shuichi Murakami alias Ponta.
S.L.T.'s 30th anniversary was completed, and from 31st year of their career, their challenge goes on.

"Little Christmas": November 14, 2018 POCE-12103


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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays

30th anniversary day of Sing Like Talking is coming -September 30, 2018.
They are going on to a special anniversary tour titled as "Festive".
 Sep. 24: Osaka
 Sep. 29: Tokyo
 Oct. 8 : Omiya, Saitama
 Oct. 21: Aomori
, their home town.
Then, concert in Tokyo is on the day before Sep. 30, so some people might have wondered how they are spending the day of their 30th anniversary day -so did I.
But information about the 30th anniversary day came up.

They are having one-day special exhibition, titled as "QUATTRO STANDARDS EXTRA- SING LIKE TALKING 30th Anniversary Exhibition".
This event consists of two parts.
First part: Exhibition of their music instruments, music scores and various articles related with their career.
To see this Exhibition, no entrance fee is charged -you need only drink charge.
Second part: Talk show and live performance by S.L.T.
You need to be a member of fan club or registered viewer of official website to get a ticket.
But as one of the avid fans of S.L.T., I assure that it's worth visiting just Exhibition even if you don't have admission for talk and performance show.
-Me? Unfortunately, I cannot go while I have other business.
The site is Shibuya Club Quattro, where they held a debut concert at, with Jeff Porcaro and Nathern East.
According to Chikuzen Sato, many of the audience came to this concert to see musicians from abroad, and they felt their position was opposite while they were leading performers
-He expresses it as feeling that being "completely away".
Jeff declared that S.L.T. would not make a hit immediately, but they would be recognized in the future.
And he encouraged S.L.T. to believe themselves and their music.
It turned out that Jeff was right -S.L.T. has kept on making release of songs they really want to perform under hardship.
Now, even though they are not so well-known like B'z and Dreams Come True who made their debut on the same year, their fans and various topflight musicians highly appreciate them.


Incidentally, two books related with them are coming.
・30th anniversary book
It mainly includes interviews about three best-selection album "Reunion" series, and photos at 30th anniversary tour.
This book is going to be on sale on Oct. 31.
・Cookbook by Tomohiko Nishimura "Oyaji meshi", coming on Sep. 24.
  "Oyaji" is "father” “middle-aged men".
   "Meshi" is "meal" "food".
Nishimura is a son of parents who ran a sushi restaurant, and said to be skillful in cooking.
He has placed recipes on newsletters of fan club, and those recipes are published as a cookbook.
At Exhibition mentioned above, some dishes made by recipe on this cookbook are sold.
I haven't heard that Nishimura is cooking, though.
・A book about 30-year history of S.L.T. "Blaze The Trail~昨日まで、そして今日から~ (until yesterday, and from today)" is already on sale on Aug. 22.

(Translation: Unable-to-think-up-handle)

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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays

In this 30th anniversary year of S.L.T., they made a release of a new single on June 27 -"Vox Humana".
The title means "human voice" in Latin.
Chikuzen Sato talked on his radio program that he was inspired by an album of Kenny Loggins with the same title, and wrote this song.
Members of S.L.T. mention that this song is about affection all over the world and around ourselves, and we need to express it actively.
Affection is expressed by talking to somebody, voicing opinions and thoughts and feeling, listening to others...
Anytime when we need to change and improve our lives, the first step is to say aloud what we need or want.
We also need to voice in order to help and encourage people having trouble.

Music is a mixture of African sound which is often used in S.L.T.'s music, and electronic sound.

They also made a release of a music video of this song.
A dancer Yasutake Shimaji performed impromptu in this motion picture.
Shimaji says that he felt this song sounds encouraging, and reflected "words" and "voice" made by his body that he felt while he was under recuperation after injury.
On shooting, he expressed the sense of his body he felt in the studio, without thinking.
He didn't think of dancing in accordance with words and music of this song.
He says that he could improvise dance and motion like this, because this song "Vox Humana" is genuine music and song of S.L.T. that listeners can empathize with.

This song "Vox Humana" is also included in upcoming best-selection album "3rd Reunion".
Best-selection album "Reunion" includes songs from 1st to 3rd album.
"Second Reunion" includes songs from 4th to 9th album.
"3rd Reunion" includes songs from 10th album to the latest album as of July 2018 "Heart of Gold".
They made release of best collection CD box "Anthology" in Feb. 2015.
But if you are a new fan of S.L.T., and wish to know about them and listen to the best part of their songs, those three albums could be right ones for you.
"3rd Reunion" is coming on August 22.

Today, I'd like to place front-loaded celebration for 30th anniversary of S.L.T.

(Translation: Unable-to-think-up-Handle)

"Vox Humana": UPCH-5944
"3rd Reunion": UPCH-2164

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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays
東日本大震災によせて【シリーズ10-line】:ピンクのろうそく #SLT30-40-AndBeyond【シリーズMusic10-line】_UFOランプ

It's already seven years after 3.11 earthquake disaster, and reconstruction of buildings and land readjustment have made progress.
But still, there are about twenty thousand evacuees, and about seven thousand people live in temporary housing.
Besides, reconstruction of spirit hasn't made headway enough.
This year, as long as I read and watch articles and TV programs about 3.11 earthquake disaster,
I had an impression that central people neglect people at spot after they just made and left tangible material objects.


From the next year after the earthquake disaster in northeastern Japan, Chikuzen Satou from Sing Like Talking started a series of small concerts alone as reconstruction assistance.
All the members of S.L.T. are from Aomori, one of the prefectures in northeastern Japan.
Besides, on March 11, 2011, Chikuzen was in Sendai for promotion of S.L.T.'s new album, and experienced this earthquake.
According to Chikuzen, one of the major concerns of people at spot is: Experience and lessons of earthquake disaster are fading, and survivors and victims are forgotten.
The intention of this concert is chain of memory.
That's why Chikuzen has a plan of his own to visit every prefectures one by one per month
-except for when he is too occupied with works of Sing Like Talking.
If local fans visit his concert, and local media come to cover and report, this concert can be an opportunity to have them recall about earthquake disasters and people in Touhoku and Kyushu area.

At first, the title was "北郷想".
"北" is "north", "郷" is "home" -both geographical places and people, "想" is "affection and support".
On April 14 and 15, 2016, a massive earthquake struck Kumamoto and Ooita -southwestern area of Japan.
Back then, Chikuzen wasn't holding this series of concerts to give top priority to Sing Like Talking.
He thought that it's not proper to use the title "北".
When he resumed the series of concerts, the title was changed to "故郷想".
 "故郷" means "home".
  This title doesn't limit geographical place in Japan.
   Also; after earthquake disaster in 2011, a lot of supports were sent from Kyuushu area including Kumamoto, so Chikuzen says that the new title expresses repayment and gratitude from northeastern area.

Even while the purpose of this series of concerts is reconstruction assistance, Chikuzen says that he hopes visitors relax and enjoy this concert like a concert at a cafe.
Chikuzen selects small concert places, so often it's very cramped.
At this series of concerts, he selects songs based on lyrics.
Songs of S.L.T., songs he made release as a solo singer, cover songs in Japanese and English, old and new songs...he performs various songs.
He selects songs that sound different if we listen thinking of purpose of this series of concerts.
As of March 2018, he has held this series of concerts in 33 of 47 prefectures.
And his challenge and our solidarity go on...


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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays

On September 30, 2018, Sing Like Talking is celebrating 30th anniversary.
To commemorate this anniversary, several plans have been going on from September 30, 2017.
One of them was a movie "Music Of My Life" based on e-mails from fan club members.
First thing to notice in this year is; their new album "Heart of Gold" is on sale on January 17.
This album is coming after the absence of four years and half since "Befriend".
As a result, about half of the songs in this album are already released as singles.

On September 30, 2017, a special website was opened to celebrate their upcoming 30th anniversary. 
They place information about concerts, CDs and books, and motion pictures of celebration messages from musicians and radio station staffs S.L.T. has worked together.
On the same day, "Sing Like Talking Artist book" was on sale.
This book places interviews to the members, photos at special concerts in summer 2017, and their recent activity log.
I suppose those website and book are Japanese only, though.

According to Chikuzen Satou, in 1988 when they made their debut, more than 800 singers and bands made their debut in the economic bubble era in Japan.
Actually, B'z, whose guitarist won Grammy Award, and Dreams Come True made their debut in the same year.
It's excellent of them to stay well-known in music scenes for 30 years.
At the same time, S.L.T. has established current position by their own way.
With career they've experienced, composition works based on abundant musical backgrounds, and superb songs of Chikuzen, they are appreciated also as musicians' musician.
That's why they gain favor from fans who appreciate music with quality.

プルメリア ではなく花オクラ2017

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カテゴリ:Music 10-line essays
This movie comes from three letters from fans of Sing Like Talking.
This is shown at only ten theaters in Ishikawa, Oosaka, Niigata, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Aomori, Miyagi, Kanagawa, Aichi,
Starting from October 7 or 14 or 21 or 28 depending on each theater, and screened for one week.


They solicited e-mails from fan club members with the theme "me and Sing Like Talking".
At 29th anniversary concert, they mentioned about it; at first, their purpose was for talk-show CDs distributed at fan club.
But as members of S.L.T. and staffs read those e-mails, an idea came up that they could make a movie about relationship between music and lives.

Everyone has music linked to occasion of lives.
S.L.T. is celebrating 30th anniversary next year.
During S.L.T.'s long career, each fan has their own lives, and memories of their own linked to songs of S.L.T.
From hundreds of "me and Sing Like Talking" e-mails, three stories were selected.

1. A couple of high-school girl and boy;
Since they separated suddenly, they have lived lives of each.
Twenty years later, they run across each other again.

2. A high-school girl, and her mother with illness;
The considerate daughter nurses her mother every day, and at the same time, she suffers that nobody understands her distress.

3. An expectant mother who is an avid fan of S.L.T.;
She declares to name the baby "Chikuzen" after the singer Chikuzen Satou if the baby is a boy.
Her family members violently oppose until the uproar expands to the verge of family breakup.

No wonder: Actually, "Chikuzen" is stage name that comes from his nickname reading Chinese characters of his name in different way -his real name is Takeyoshi- and besides, this name can be confused with old name of Fukuoka and its local dish.

Those three groups come to 28th anniversary special concert of S.L.T. held at Hibiya park on August 6, 2016.


I didn't -or couldn't contribute a letter of "me and Sing Like Talking" because I'm not a member of fan club.
Of course, as well as many fans, I also have memories of my own related with S.L.T. and their songs.
Not so dramatic enough to be made into movies or dramas, though.
Not all the memories are good; some fans might have songs that remind them of sad and bitter memories
-So do I, unfortunately.
Even so, today, I'd like to place a wish:
May S.L.T. and fans keep on having happy time together, and making wonderful memories forever.
(Translation: Unable-to-think-up-handle)

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