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154 Minute /
Faced with lifes cruel irony, the unpredictable stories of a well-dressed pair of low-level hitmen; a gangsters statuesque moll, and a double-crossing prizefighter become inextricably intertwined, as the small-time crooks, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin, summon up the courage to hold up their favourite L.A. diner. Entrusted with retrieving a glow-emitting leather suitcase which belongs to their boss--the powerful crime kingpin, Marsellus--instead, the dark-suited gunmen, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, end up with a bloody mess. Fortunately--with men like Mr Wolf always around to handle a crisis--theres time to cool off in a long twist contest, while at the same time, the proud champion boxer, Butch, makes the decision of a lifetime. Soon, things will come full circle, as, once more, Jules and Vincent find themselves in the perfect dead-end situation, exactly where it all began: an all-too-familiar cafeteria. Is truth stranger than fiction? /
year: 1994 /
1765619 Vote /
writed by: Quentin Tarantino /

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Heads up before renting: this is the Theatrical Release which is considered inferior by many. There have been several different cuts of the film released over the years - most people seem to prefer the Final Cut or the Director's Cut. This version contains narration by Harrison Ford, un-remastered scenes (from what I hear most people actually like the remastered and edited scenes in this film - it's not a case like the Star Wars edits) a different intro sequence to explain the story to audiences, and an ending which Ridley Scott didn't like and which is changed in the recent cuts. If you just want to watch a film for a quick, sit-down viewing then this version might be sufficient; but if you want the full experience and to see the film how it was intended to be seen, most fans seem to recommend finding one of the other cuts.

Saw Pulp Fiction today, and the only think I could say after it 2 and a half straight hours of brilliant, but quite bloody. This was one of the best movies ever made, but also, maybe the most disturbing film of the 90's. This enforces my hypothesis that Q. Tarintino is a sick f* k, but a brilliant one.

One other thing I noticed about the film was the number of "f bombs" dropped. Its like the only word people can say in L.A. is the "f" word. Language wise, this film made a George Carlin show look like Mr. Rogers. It made South Park look Tiny Toons. I'm not saying that profanity is all that bad, its it really need so many? So

anyway, I would not suggest Pulp Fiction to the weak at heart or those partial to hard language, you will not believe your ears. Apart from that, see Pulp Fiction, its a great movie.

Back in 1994, It was better than every movie before. And no one still can film a better movie than this one.

Great vengeance and Nick Fury

Movie is amazing at all. You can watch this movie in any languages using boxxy software and add many subtitle languages.
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Unfortunately, Dane's luck.
Watching this scene reminded me of where I lost my watch. Happy to have it back now. Thanks QT.
Facing death and he knew it. None of.
John Travolta at his best - Whose chopper is this. It's Zed's - Who's Zed? Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

Grandfather was dead. But Winocki.
Birthright. And he'd be damned if.
Woke up this morning, made myself a coffee, and watched this for the 2,000th time. And each time I love it more.
I could watch this trailer over and over again, yet alone the movie.
Before I tell you my views on this movie i want to tell you my top ten all time so you, the reader, can see the type of movies i love

1. Godfather 2.Godfather 2 3. Platoon 4. Pulp Fiction 5. Silence of the Lambs 6. Goodfellas 7. LA Confidential 8. Saving Private Ryan 9. Forrest Gump 10. French Connection

Pulp Fiction is about a 2 hitmen, a boxer, a mob boss, his wife and their intertwining stories. John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, and Uma Thurman all are brilliant (all got oscar nods)along with Bruce Willis and Ving Rhmaes in the movies main roles. Other lesser characters also shine such as Tim Roth, amanda plummer, Christopher Walken, and my personal favorite character in the movie Harvey Keitel as "the wolf." This movie has many stars but the true star of this movie is Quetin Tarantino. Quentin received a best screenplay oscar for his amazing story and his even better dialouge. In this non-linear film, the humor is top-notch. Quentin also connects this movie with the first movie he directed, Reservoir Dogs, and many otehr past movies.

By using humor, music, great actors, and the best dialouge in any movie ever Tarantino creates one of the best movies ever made and in my opinion sets his mark as the best director ever. There are otehr great directors such as Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, Stone, and Scorcese. However, Quentin is his own star in his movies and when you say Pulp Fiction i associate Quentin with the movie, not any of the fantastic actors or actresses who starred in this film.

Overall i give this movie a 10 out 10 and higly suggest that you see many, many times.

She didn't really die btw. Vincent saved her life.
Imagine how humbling that would be for Tim Roths character...
Bang! I am sorry did I break your concentration.
Be confiscated. The way your Daddy.
Talking to my son. Jim.
One of my all time favorites, now 25 years old.
Father, his Dad's gold watch. This.
One of the greatest badass endings of all times.






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