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Feb 4, 2019


WATCH@STREAM Happy Hunting




You lied Arnold, Last Action Hero was supposed be the last one. How fast time goes, I remember seeing the logo for it printed on Burger King cups.
WOW this looks good
0:30 That explosion looks so bad!


Watching right now... 1hr into the movie, yet to see Arnold.
Yup it's gonna flop
Any other way to buy this song besides itunes?
Ooh man. Why arnold would you get yourself involved with bunch of wanna be actors of snl..smh
a person who takes testosterone and it shows in his movements his agility, and arnold does not take growth hormone in his stage of professional bodybuilding development , bicep of 54 cm in the cinema 52 cm that makes him have big arms . he could leave training 10 years and pumping one day and recovering it regardless of age, if you take some type of growth hormone would recover your muscles in 1 month any type of holliwood (example vin diesel).

This is absolutely dreadful...a waste of time...in some circles, this is referred to as a tax write-off...even the last twenty minutes of this horror show couldn't be saved by Arnold. My advice...save your money don't buy the DVD!.
Redbox instant classic
damn this cover makes me rock hard.

Wow, looking at the publish date of this video... 2K has had me on the edge of my seat for this game for an entire year. WTF


Arnie just enjoying his retirement years, with a whole bunch of shit films. Predator is still one of the best films ever made, top that son


2:23 onward :3
I don't understand why this got so good reviews. Same thing has been done better many times. This was utter crap.
Is it just me, or is the monster's footprint very similar to the four fingered zombie of Left 4 Dead box art cover?
Did you see that shot?! THAT'S MY LITTLE GIRL!!! Lmao, his hype is REAL.

Nicht schießen


This looks terribly good!
sounds so much like a nirvana song with the guitar
that was a 1 awesome movie trailer of Arnold never seen him doing coming with action before i really loved it.
Guess whooooo?


Enjoy port except diminish instance broadcast recall fuel introduction literary.
Even as a big Arnold fan this movie doesn't look good, I hope that it will prove me wrong.
This review is a direct response to JvH48's needlessly glowing review of Happy Hunting. With all due respect to the Netherlands, this person has either written one of the very best "shill" reviews I have yet encountered here on IMDb or is simply someone who has not yet seen nearly enough films of this specific type. Perhaps some benefit of the doubt is required for pretty much everything JvH48 asserts...

Let's get one thing straight immediately: the core concept of Happy Hunting is absolutely NOT "an original plot" in any way, shape or form.

Other than the very basic rationale for the game itself (punishing those deemed wayward, criminal or individuals with certain addictions), the actual core cinematic concept Happy Hunting explores goes at least as far back as 1932's classic film The Most Dangerous Game. Since then, the basic premise of humans hunting other humans has been examined countless times in nearly all genres of films including horror, drama, thriller...even war films.

Hell, even Jean Claude Van Damme covered this concept in Hard Target.

That out of the way, Happy Hunting is still a mostly watchable film. Fairly competent performances all around and yes, some of the (less gushing) observations from JvH48 about the main character's struggle with his addiction while being pursued is indeed reasonably well presented.

Add to that some occasionally interesting visual imagery of the stark, desolate desert landscape the film takes place in along with a straight-ahead plot - co-director Louie Gibson (yes, Mel's son) has turned in a decent effort here. Nothing exceptional at all but still a good turn and an acceptable start to a budding career.

So, a straight-forward entry into the oft-explored "Most Dangerous Game" genre, Happy Hunting gets a solid 5. Extra credit up to a 6 however for the film's visual in the final 10 minutes of something that is quite prevalent in 2017 America's consciousness, especially with the current "administration" occupying the White House..

This actually looks pretty funny

Just as good if not better than the original!






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