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トルコ・国際平和展(IEP Turkey)

「国際平和展・コソボ」inトルコ の関係者の皆様と外国の皆様へ前回の日記を英文でお送りします。

Hosted a September Meeting at Space AO after a long interval. It is first time during 10 years of the monthly meetings that some guests through my weblog participated. Unfortunately, some of invitees to the Meeting couldn't come because of unfavorable health condition, sudden inconvenience, work engagement, etc. (For details of Nagatsuki Meeting please refer to my weblog of August 31.)

Today's participants varied in their age from just one year old to late sixties. One of the guests came by Sinkansen far from Hamamatsu. Realized that the circle of participants is expanding.

Next meeting will be held either in November or in January of the coming year. Am looking forward to seeing them again.


The corner exhibited with small works.


Many of guests see each other for the first time.
A large work of Golden Folding Screen at the end.
(Right : Dr. Ryusuke NAKAMURA)


Mr. Kenji KAWAI and I are looking at the works of Kosovar painters. He is a young sculptor whose works will be exhibited at the next IEP in Turkey.


I am sending a V-sign wishing a successful opening of IEP in Turkey.


Water color paintings of those flowers and scenery which have been introduced in my weblog.


Macrobiotic cuisine I cooked for today's meeting.

Am just feeling relived, since today's Nagatsuki Meeting is over. The meeting realized owing to the kind help of a lady although I was too busy to prepare it.
Looking forward to seeing all of the quests again at the next meeting.

(Translated by Ryusuke NAKAMURA)


★ ↓ 一日一回クリックしていただけると幸いです。更新の励みになります。。。♪

★ 1日に1回、「絵画」、「マクロビオティック」で、それぞれワンクリックしていただけるとうれしいです。


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8月15日の国際平和展 の日記の翻訳です。

Today falls on 62nd anniversary of the Cease-War. National memorial services took place for the war dead.
As an only one country that suffered from an atomic bomb, all attendants swore again to convey their wishes for the world peace to all over the world. So did I.

I have held twelve sessions of "International Exhibition for Peace/Kosovo" in France, Kosovo and Japan since five years ago. For details please see my web-log ”Home”→”Category”→”International Exhibition for Peace/Kosovo” and the same for Turkey. Another access is my homepage http://www.space-ao.com where you can find "International Exhibition for Peace".

In Japan the number of those people who experienced the War have been getting less and less. The post-war generation including me knows about the War only in a book or in an Anime. I feel a bit uneasy with this situation.

During my exhibition in Kosovo I have been there where I really experienced how horrible a war is. It closes human hearts and people cannot live a human life.

Recently I received two pictures of the paintings drawn by Ms. Vesta NURA, Kosovar artist from Mr. Siguie, the French general producer of IEP/Kosovo. These two paintings were exhibited in Israel. Ms. NURA drew them in Kosovo where the hostility still continues between Albanians and Serbians.

Ms. NURA is an artist and she runs a small gallery. She helped me a lot when I had my first IEP at Kosovo National Art Gallery.
During my trip to Kosovo I had an opportunity to meet her. She was a clever and charming lady. On the other hand, I was surprised at her paintings which look much different from her appearance.

20070815ヴェスタ・ヌラ (Vesta NURA) の作品ー1

(Vesta NURA)

20070815ヴェスタ・ヌラ (Vesta NURA) の作品ー2

(Vesta NURA)

It is true that Japan is facing various difficulties, but do you know any Japanese painter who draws such kind of works? Just by looking at her works we realize that we have peace in Japan. I really wish this peace to be kept forever.

Also I wish that the continuance of IEPs could build up, through the art, "peace of heart" of those people who are in difficulty, regardless the difference of their nationalities, races and religions. "Peace of heart" is the first step to "Peace of World".

My dream is to build a museum where you can enjoy my works of "Message of Universal Love", together with all the works of world painters who participated in IEPs. Next to the museum I wish to open a restaurant where you can have healthy food of macro-biotechnology. The restaurant also has a spacious room filled with energy of hope where you can feel at ease.
I hope that my message of today will be transferred to all the friends in the world.

P.S. The place of the 13th IEP was scheduled at the Turkish Art College, but due to their inconvenience it will be held at another hall.


(Translated by Ryuske NAKAMURA)


★ ↓一日一回クリックしていただけると幸いです。更新の励みになります。。。♪ 

★ 1日に1回、絵画、風景、マクロビオティックで、それぞれワンクリックしていただけるとうれしいです。


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(詳細は、ブログ の 「home」の中の 「カテゴリ」の中の 「国際平和展/コソボ」と 「国際平和展/トルコ」 をご覧下さい。

又、ホームページ Web: http://www.space-ao.com の [国際平和展] をご覧下されば、詳細が載っています。)




この度、コソボの画家 Vesta NURA (ヴェスタ・ヌラ)さんの作品の写真2枚がフランスの国際平和展/コソボの総合プロデューサーのシギエさんから送られてきました。






20070815ヴェスタ・ヌラ (Vesta NURA) の作品ー1

20070815ヴェスタ・ヌラ (Vesta NURA) の作品ー2











★ ↓一日一回クリックしていただけると幸いです。更新の励みになります。。。♪ 

★ 1日に1回、絵画、風景、マクロビオティックで、それぞれワンクリックしていただけるとうれしいです。


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While I was preparing my exhibition at Gallery Hibiya, I heard some progress about 13th International Exhibition for Peace/Turkey. (Please proceed to "home" and to "category" and click "International Exhibition for Peace/Turkey".)

It is reported that official papers for the opening of the exhibition sent from France, Japan and Kosovo have finally been received in Turkey. It seems that the exhibition will be held on commemoration of 50th anniversary of the Turkish Art College, therefore they will invite their sister college in Japan.

We have continued our I.E.P.s, wishing that "Art" will contribute to unite every countries in the world so as to make a step for the world peace in spite of the differences in nation, race, language, culture and religion. It will be so nice if No.13 IEP will be spread into the young generation like college students. Furthermore, It may be possible this movement for peace will be wide-spread into various colleges and universities all over the world. I'm really looking forward to further progress of the exhibition in Turkey.

In response to the request from Mr. Siguie, I.E.P. General Producer, I have just mailed out invitation cards and photos of some of my works to be exhibited at Hibiya Gallery to the IEP related persons in Turkey and Kosovo. The exhibition is called " Emiko HORIMOTO Exhibition -Message of Universal Love " under a subtitle of "Universal Art of Spirituality" named by Mr. Siguie.


Works as follows.

1.CURRENT B-85  Light of Universe 175cm x 448cm x 3cm Mixt medium on the Japanese Paper

20070514 current b-85

2.CURRENT B-82  To the Cosmos 112cm x 175 cm x 3cm

20070514 current b-82

3.CURRENT B-83  Golden Light 80.3cm x 116.7cm x 3cm

20070514 current b-83

4.CURRENT B-84  Life 80.3cm x 116.7cm x 3cm

20070514 current b-84

" Emiko HORIMOTO Exhibition -Message of Universal Love "
"Universal Art of Spirituality"

From June 15(Fri) to June 27(Wed), 2007

between 11:00 and 19:00 (up to 17:00 on final day)

Gallery HIBIYA (1-6-5,Yuraku-cyo,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,Japan)
(tel. +81.3.3591.8948)

[ Message from the author ]

My exhibition of "Message of Universal Love" has continued more than ten years, counting 67 exhibitions. The coming exhibition is just 20th one at Hibiya Gallery. From now on I am prepared to dedicate myself to describe universal art of spirituality. This time, I am showing about 35 works in blue, green, violet....in seven various colors (spiritual colors). The works include a folding screen of golden color, large and small sized paintings and lithographs. Admission is free. I am waiting for your visit.

Spring 2007 Emiko HORIMOTO (Artist,President of I.E.P.Japan Office)

For details, please refer to Home Page of Emiko Horimoto ( http://www.space-ao.com ).

(Translated by Dr. Ryusuke NAKAMURA)


更新の励みになります。。。♪ いつも見てくださりありがとうございます。

★ 1日に1回、絵画、風景、マクロビオティックで、それぞれワンクリックしていただけるとうれしいです。


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-----国際平和展(The International Exhibition for Peace)・トルコの準備は、少しずつ進展しています。


フランスと日本は、シギエ (Mr. Christian SIGUIE)さん、堀本と個人ですべてを取り仕切りましたが、コソボ・トルコは、公の機関が主催で開催されます。


The International Exhibition for Peace/Turkey -- A painting by Mr. Ethem Baymak

The preparation for the IEP/Turkey is moving ahead steadily. Now, the staff of The Kosova Art Gallery are going to visit Turkey with an application form signed by the responsible persons of three countries of France, Kosovo and Japan for the IEPs in respective country.

It seems that various formalities are required this time, since the host organization of Turkey belongs to a public sector.

Exhibitions in France and Japan were hundred percent handled by Mr. Christian Siguie and myself ( a private sector ), but those in Kosovo and Turkey are sponsored by public authorities.

We have had 12 IEPs in Kosovo, France and Japan for three years, which required tremendous speed and energy.


First IEP was opened in 2003 in Kosovo. The pictures(taken by Mr. Siguie) below show the external appearance of the exhibition hall and views around the hall.

-The Kosova Art Gallery

20070331 国立 コソボアートギャラリー

- Outskirt of Kosovo

230070331 コソボの郊外の風景

- Cows and a child

20070331 コソボの子供

コソボでの国際平和展に、初回から協力や参加してくださっている、トルコ出身の画家 エゼムベイマクさん(Mr.Ethem BAYMAK) の作品。

The picture below is a work-piece by Mr. Ethem Baymak from Turkey who has been supporting the IEPs in Kosovo from the beginning.

200703231 エゼム ベイマクさんの絵



.Mr. Baymak gave me this painting through Mr. Siguie for the appreciation of my courage to have sent many precious works of mine to Kosovo where there was a war at that time.

It is now displayed in my atelier. I sincerely hope Mr. Baymak will participate with his paintings to the IEP/Turkey, and at the same time I am looking forward to further steps to be taken for its opening.

(translated by Ryusuke NAKAMURA)

☆ 初めて、絵画は一桁の9位に入りました。ありがとうございます。


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-----国際平和展(The International Exhibition for Peace)・トルコの準備は、少しずつ進展しています。


フランスと日本は、シギエ (Mr. Christian SIGUIE)さん、堀本と個人ですべてを取り仕切りましたが、コソボ・トルコは、公の機関が主催で開催されます。



コソボ・アートーギャラリー (The Kosova Art Gallery)

20070331 国立 コソボアートギャラリー


230070331 コソボの郊外の風景


20070331 コソボの子供

コソボでの国際平和展に、初回から協力や参加してくださっている、トルコ出身の画家 エゼムベイマクさん(Mr.Ethem BAYMAK) の作品。

200703231 ゼッリン・ゲルダルさんの絵




☆ 初めて、絵画は10位に入りました。ありがとうございます。もう少しで一桁です。


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大変に遅くなってしまいましたが、トルコ国際平和展のスカイプでの、国際会議のことが英訳されましたので、ご覧ください。翻訳 中村龍介氏

home の中の カテゴリーの中の トルコ・国際平和展をクリックして、


☆ ”10000回目クリック、プレゼントのお知らせ” は、3月23日のブログをご覧ください。プレゼントの写真入り


↓一日一回クリックしていただけると幸いです。☆ 今、絵画は10位から20位の間です。


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第13回 国際平和展/コソボ が いよいよ トルコへと場所を移して開催されることが決定しました。(前述)

その第1回目の国際会議が”SKYPE" で 開かれました。

音声でのやり取りは、各国の持っている機種が違うようでうまくいかなく、今回は CHAT (チャット)でやり取りが行われました。

東京で開かれた、第5回目の国際平和展/コソボ (東京・ギャラリー日比谷 2003年6月ー7月))では、オープニングパーティーの時、コソボ、フランスからも、お祝いの言葉を ”チャット” で頂きました。





”SKYPE ”のコントロールの時間も入れて、2時間の長い国際会議でしたが、見事に成果を挙げました。



International Exhibition for Peace to be held in Turkey (IEP/Turkey)
-- First trial of the international conference using "SKYPE"

The 13th International Exhibition for Peace/Kosvo was decided to be held in Istanbul, Turkey (mentioned before).
We used "SKYPE", for the first time, to have an international conference for that.
But it was not successful due to the difference of type of machines which each country is using.
Therefore, the conference was made by way of "Chat" on computers.

At the opening party of the 5th IEP held in June and July, 2003 at Gallery Hibiya, Tokyo, I remember that we received congratulation messages from Kosovo and France by way of "Chat".
In return to their message, we promptly sent back them those impressions on Kosovar works which the visitors gave on the guest book. It was quite exciting since I felt Kosovo, France and Japan were united on the computer screens.

At this conference we started to tie-up through the Internet four countries; Kosovo, France, Turkey and Japan so as to discuss how to proceed with IEP/Turkey. Unfortunately Turkey was not connected in time, but we could have reached, among Kosovo, France and Japan, an overall approach to the necessary steps to the purpose.
It was decided that Kosovo would send specialists to Turkey to have a look at the exhibition hall and to have a meeting with Turkish partners.
The conference lasted two hours including the adjustment of "SKYPE", but I think we could have accomplished our purpose. I realized that through the development of computer technology people in various countries can tie each other which must be a step to "Peace of the World".
I'm looking forward to the next conference !

(translated by Ryusuke NAKAMURA)

SKYPE で 国際会議

20070227 skype de IEP kokusaikaigi


20070227 skype で IEP 国際会議


20070227 空

↓一日一回クリックしていただけると幸いです。☆ 今、絵画は10位から20位の間です。


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国際平和展のジェネラルプロデューサーのフランスのChristian SIGUIE さん始め、トルコ、コソボ、日本で準備が始まりました。



We started the preparation of IEP in Turkey at last.

Mr. Christian SIGUIE, General Producer/IEP starts preparation in France, when it was made a start in Turkey, Kosovo and Japan.

The next IEP will be held in some period from this autumn through the following year.
With finalizing the exhibition period, it will be forwarded to other steps.

Political stability and shipping of works, if these conditions will be assured, it will become easier to hold IEP.
Kosovo where has similar size and population to Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is diverse in race, language, religion and others.
Turkey is another place where stands on cultural diversity, that bridges over western and eastern cultures.
It would be very much appreciated to be able to have another IEP in such a country.

前回開かれたコソボでの第12回国際平和展の時に、参加したトルコ出身の画家 Ethem BAYMAK 氏と作品を紹介します。
Here is a Turkish artist, Mr. Ethem KAYMAK and his works. Ethem who participated in the 12th IEP / Kosovo would like to join again into the next IEP in Turkey.
This picture was taken at the time of visiting Ethem'residence in Prizren, Kosovo.

20070219Mr. Ethem BAYMAK

20070219Mr. Ethem BAYMAKの絵

Zerrin GURDAL さんの挨拶状と作品
Message from Zerrin GURDAL and her works
Different style and taste from Japanese arts.

20070219Mrs. Zerrin GURDAL

20070219Mrs. Zerrin GURDAL の作品

(左から) アルタさん、館長のルアンさん、恵美子、クリスチャンさん
At the 12th IEP, Gallery of Art Kosovo
(from the left) Arta-san; Luan-san, Director; Emiko; Christian-san

20070219Arta-san,Luan-san, Emiko, Christian-san

(translated by Mariko ASANO Feb.28th 2007)

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コソボから、出発した国際平和展(International Exhibition for Peace) [IEP]は、一昨年第12回目を再びコソボで開催され、大成功のうちに幕を閉じました。その時の模様は、homeの中の カテゴリーの”コソボ”を参照ください。




先日フランスのシギエさんやトルコのZerrinさんから送られてきたメールには、IEP への熱い思いが感じられました。

Starting from Kosovo, International Exhibition for Peace (IEP) came back to Kosovo in 2005 as the 12th IEP and it was ended in great success. You can see some pictures at the category of "Kosovo" in "home".
Please refer to HORIMOTO Emiko's official website in the Bookmark for further information (Click "IEP / Kosovo").

And now, Kosovar children's drawings are displayed at the IZUMI-EN, an institute for the aged with hospital in Okinawa, Japan.

When we had the 12th IEP / Kosovo from Sept. through Oct., 2005, we pledged to meet again in Turkey for the next IEP.

Little by little we have advanced its preparation.
I could read so much of passion for IEP in recent e-mails from Siguie-san in France and Zerrin-san in Turkey.

イスタンブール(トルコ)のZerrin Gurdalさんから送られてきた、トルコの浜辺に、敬意を表して書いてくださった堀本惠美子の文字
"HORIMOTO Emiko" in Chinese characters written on a beach in Turkey; taken and sent by Ms. Zerrin Gurdal

20070213 トルコの浜辺の文字 堀本惠美子 

イスタンブールの夕日 Zerrin Gurdalさんの撮影
Sunset at Istanbul (taken by Ms. Zerrin Gurdal)
Zerrin has taken a lead for preparations of IEP in Turkey.


(translated by Mariko ASANO Feb.28th,2007)

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