Emiko HORIMOTO Exhibition The international festival of arts "The creativity territory – 2013" to Khabarovsk, DVGGU, faculty of arts and design

The international festival of arts "The creativity territory – 2013" to Khabarovsk, DVGGU, faculty of arts and design

annual forum of creative youth and the faculty of DVGGU and partner higher education institutions, annual participants from the countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, USA, Germany, Japan, Yu.Korey, People's Republic of China.

On festival exhibitions in 2013 it is sent more than 500 works declared including participants from Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk territory, and also personal exhibitions: Emiko Harimoto'sartists (Tokyo, Japan), works of students of academy of the professor Lim Lipaand works of the 5th professors from Chungnamsky national university(Yu.Korey, Taejon), artists from Khabarovsk of Alina Kalashnikova, recent in Munich (Germany), student Angela Krisp (the USA, the State of Michigan, Severono Michigan university), works of students designers from the People's Republic of China.

In days of work of a festival master classes of the Japanese artist of Emiko Harimoto, presentation and psychoanalysis display on Angela's works will take place, joint creative programs of participants, the international scientific and practical conference "Vocational Training in the field of Culture, Arts and Technologies in Sociocultural Space" and there are a lot of interesting sightseeing tours, the ART the Learn Rossi's National Culture project on an experimental platform of DVGGU "The Russian village" (the item of Bychikh).

Here also passed bright and unforgettable days of the international festival of arts "The creativity territory - 2013" which brought both to participants, and the audience it is a lot of bright impressions, meetings with foreign guests, creative programs, excursions and master classes. The Creativity Territory — 2013 art project was that creative platform where became possible artists and talented youth to declare itself through presentation of handiworks before the general public of the city and professional audience.

By means of presentation of culture and art of the different countries, undoubtedly, the youth has all results received by us positive experience of harmonization of the international relations, in tolerance education in the multinational region.

The particular interest in the audience was caused by a meeting with Emiko Harimoto's surprising works (Tokyo, Japan).

It should be notedIt should be noted that on presentation of the works the artist arrived to Khabarovsk, in the middle of celebration of 155-year anniversary of the capital of the Far East. For students and teachers of its work became opening to the World of the Creator, full of the pure light, spiritualized and ennobled, as if body sounding under a temple dome. Undoubtedly, at the viewer the positive reciprocal wave of a net energy of Sotvorts, inducing to the positive world is born.

Izoterichesky unusual view of the artist of Emiko dignity of art, through a prism of sublime and spiritual light (filled with gold and blue-blue shades of flowers, fresh air, kindness and friendship, gives rise to feeling of nobility, tranquillity, a world view) universal subjects of works of artist Chyurlenis remind.

Works of the artist force the viewer to stop and think about Eternal, to rethink the relation to the events round us, do the viewer kinder.

Musical and sensual works of the artist is views and outlooks of the author with thin soul and pure thoughts, the high organization of culture of the country where she was born, undoubtedly, leave a kind and bright trace in souls of participants and the audience of a festival of arts.


Martynova Natalia Vladimirovna,
dean of faculty of arts and design,
Professor, member of the creative union of artists of Russia,
Member of the Union of designers of Russia.

Far Eastern State University of Humanities
May 22th ~ June 10th 2013

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CURRENT W-1456 The Light of Universe






『堀本惠美子(ほりもとえみこ)のホームページ』(Emiko HORIMOTO Web)(Japanese, English, French)では2011年までの作品や展覧会、収蔵先などをご紹介しています。覗いてみていただければ幸いです。


T&T ギャラリー (堀本惠美子作品紹介と販売)


堀本惠美子 アートギャラリー (日本美術倶楽部)
(Emiko HORIMOTO Art Gallery) (Japanese,English)


堀本惠美子(ホリモトエミコ)作品収蔵先風景(Emiko HORIMOTO--Collection)


『東京女子大学 活躍する卒業生』に堀本恵美子掲載




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