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7/19/'04I was deeply disappointed to find that the beetle had been dead.deeply
7/20/'04My oldest daughter reached me on my cell phone and asked me to bring her the school expenses. She is forgetful of things!reach人on~
reach人at番号 (~番)で人に連絡をとる
7/21/'04It's scorching hot today! The heat is killing me!すごく暑い
7/22/'04She seems to get a cold. She is coughing badly. I should guard her against an asthma atack.喘息発作
an asthma atack
7/23/'04She has caught Mycoplazma pneumoniae. She has been put on a drip for about 4 hours.点滴を受ける
be put on a drip
7/24/'04It's amazing that so many people have been here in my website. I'm so grateful that all of you enjoy reading my contents.感謝する
7/25/'04The parking space of the public library was jammed with cars. I couldn't help giving up going in.~でぎっしり詰まる
be jammed with
7/26/'04The Internet to me is a portal to people I never would have been lucky to meet otherwise. But it's a hassle for me to make up a website.hassle
7/27/'04I went shopping with my three daughters for the first time in six months.for the first time in (期間)
7/28/'04The doctor told me that my daughter would never make a full recovery from asthma. make a full recovery from ~
7/29/'04It was raining so hard in the morning. The heavy rain flooded the road.flood
7/30/'04I saw a rainbow hanging in the sky in this morning.hang 掛かる
7/31/'04My daughter finally retired from the club activity of the junior high and so did most of the third grade students .so 助動詞[be動詞] 主語
8/01/'04I'm learning to operate a computer by trial and error.trial and error
8/02/'04Time is short. I need more time!   
8/03/'04I got a checkup for citizens. What a shock! I've gained some weight recently.checkup
8/04/'04I can't understand why they dump household waste in other place. I put up a sign saying "No Dumping Here!".household waste
8/05/'04She will finish writing a composition about dripfeed before long.dripfeed
8/06/'04I will leave Chiba for hometown in the morning with my two younger daughters. We'll be back tomorrow.leave ~for・・・
8/08/'04I really enjoyed a special limited edition of animme which was collaboreated with 3 TV cartoons.anime
8/09/'04It's been a long day. I had a hectic schedule today.hectic
8/10/'04In the afternoon I took a nap that I haven't done for a long time.(否定文で)for a long time
8/11/'04I feel run-down.I have a slight sore throat. I think I may have caught a cold.run-down
8/12/'04My youngest daughter and I walked around looking for some insects for about 2 hours in the morning.  
8/13/'04We visited the grave of our ancestors in the morning. It's one of the customs of the Bon Festival in Japan.visit the grave of one's ancestors
8/14/'04I've gotten three heads of cabbage from my neighbor. I'm wondering what to make with them.three heads of cabbage   
8/15/'04My whole family went along shopping. I bought some clothes on sale for my three daughters.one's whole family   
8/16/'04My youngest daughter is awfully afraid of a vacuum cleaner. I'm hoping that she'll overcome the difficulty. overcome
8/17/'04I've been forgetful recently, so I have to make a shopping list before going shopping.   
8/18/'04My youngest daughter has finished a paper about insects which she had found around here. paper
8/19/'04It was really hot today and the sound of cicadas was too loud and driving me crazy. drive 人 crazy
人をいらだたせる (イライラする、頭にくる)
8/20/'04I hung the wash out to dry early in the morning. The washing dry easily since it's hot and windy today.It's a perfect day for washing! a perfect day for ~
8/21/'04I went to the library for the first time in three weeks and borrowed three books.
8/22/'04My youngest daughter and I went to the Ueno Zoo today. We were so lucky to see the Giant Pandas and Gorillas feeding. feed
8/23/'04My youngest daughter's hair was getting too long, so I cut her hair. "I really like it!" she said when she looked herself in the mirror.
8/24/'04I burned the rice porridge for my mother-in-law. I carelessly put the pot on without putting water in it. The scorched pot was hard to clean.rice porridge
put the pot on
8/25/'04My mother-in-law's wheelchair had a flat tire, so my husband fixed it.have a flat tire
8/26/'04It's the official 100-days anniversary of my journal. It's amazing that I've been able to carry on this habit.journal 
8/27/'04I'd better go on a diet because I've gained 2 kg since last year. I weigh myself on the scales everyday.weigh oneself on the scales
8/28/'04I weeded the schoolyard. It was a service by PTA. It took us 2 hours to get all the weeds out. I'm glad it looks much better. weed
8/29/'04A typhoon is approaching and it's rainning so hard. The heavy rain has caused many pools around on the road. pool
8/30/'04My oldest daughter woke up with a sore throat this morning. Hopefully, that will nip it in the bud and it won't get more serious. nip ~ in the bud

Hopefully=I hope
8/31/'04I've got a slight headache. I felt dizzy. I may have a cold. I will take medicine and go to bed early tonight. feel dizzy

9/01/'04I vacuumed out my rooms in the morning. I felt much refreshed after cleaning. vacuum out ~

9/02/'04I stayed home all day cleaning, visiting some websites,and reading 'Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix' after coming back from a part-time job.

9/03/'04My second daughter hasn't finished the book report yet. She promised me that she'd turn it in next Monday. book report

turn in~

9/04/'04Some claps of thunder woke me up before dawn and I couldn't get back to sleep. a clap of thunder

9/05/'04A computer is a must now. a must

9/06/'04I'm really terrified at the wasps and its nest which is under the eaves of my mother-in-low's house. wasp 
9/07/'04I grabbed the laundry quickly from the clothesline when it satarted raining.  
9/08/'04 My youngest daughter, the asthma patient, had a coughing fit. have a coughing fit 
9/09/'04She seemed much better than I expected. I'm so glad that she is well now. than I expected 
9/10/'04My daughters drive me crazy. I wonder if they never feel they need to help me!  
9/11/'04My legs are sore from running around the field to take pictures of the athletic meeting. sore from doing 
9/12/'04They awarded my second daughter the first prize for her paper on brushing teeth.award[人][賞]
9/13/'04I took out the nonflamable trash and some collections of newspapar,magazines and currugated boxes in the morning.nonflamable trash
9/14/'04I have a headache.  
9/15/'04I have a splitting headache all day.I really want to take the day off, but I can't. I hope the pain goes away tomorrow.splitting
9/23/'04I feel so lethargic today. I don't want to do anything.lethargic
9/24/'04I've received too many e-mails to read.
9/25/'04I took 80 pictures at the athletic meeting of the preschool. And then I deleted the ones I don't want. delete
9/26/'04It's been rainning for 2 days. According to the extended weather forecast, it'll be rainy or cloudy for at least 4 days. extended weather forecast
9/27/'04My website scored 20,000 hits yesterday. I should like to express my thanks for all that you have visited my website.score ~hits
9/28/'04The washing dosen't dry easily since it rains every day. I have a lot of laundry to do.

9/29/'04It's humid today and it feels uncomfortable. The wash takes a long time to dry. Continual rain makes me feel so blue.humid
9/30/'04Today was a washday. I did three loads of wash today. All the wash has dried up in the sun.a load of wash

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