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Duration 2 h 16 Minutes

writer Lilly Wachowski

reviews A programmer is brought back to reason and reality when learning he was living in a program created by gigantic machines which make human birth artificial. In order to set humanity free, Neo will have to face many enemies by using technologies and self-trust


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Not only we have La matrice movie but also you can get the subtitles in English, French, Italy, and other languages with movie in HD, SD,HD, DVDrip available.
0:26 me vs a scripter.
0:27 Whats happened! This scene makes me laughing so hard! Charge the Secret Agent! I am living in the USA.
Who comes here after the announcement of Matrix 4.


When Morpheus says quiet, i hold my breath.
I died laughing when Neo said Whoa! 😂.
When you have a perfect franchise that is already been perfectly concluded you'd be wise to leave it alone.
Watching this right now. Still so satisfying after so many years now. 🖒.
Most natural stunts and effects I ever seen.
THIS is how you put an exciting trailer together. I'll never forget seeing this trailer and being beyond hyped for the release. Landmark film.
No, lieutenant, your men are already dead.
I remember watching this for the first time and had no idea WTF was going on So when Trinity was smushed by the truck I thought she died. Combine that with me trying to process her running on the wall and the bullet time jump kick. yeah, that was a confusing first 10 minutes.
Dreads lol.

Humans in the Matrix are NOT born they are grown. They are all clones of people who have died in the past that the machines keep cloning again and again and again. Depending on the cycle of cloning you can have the older looking versions of Neo and Trinity with a younger version of Morpheus existing at the same time. You can even have older clone versions of same characters co-existing with younger clone versions of themselves. return of Neo and Trinity are very likely new clones of those characters in The Matrix 4 and the clone of Morpheus is created sometime after Neo and Trinity were which would explain why he is younger.
Piccolo would be proud of neo.
Watch out for the next SJW ruination of a beloved memory.


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This was a joy to watch. Loved your theories as well, many of them matched my own.
More than 20 years? Bro get the timeline right first...
0:36 why does Keanu's HELP! sound so satisfying? 😂❤️.
Watch trailers for the movie La matrice online you can for free in good quality.
4:49 when the world was introduced to Superhero landing.
Terminator 2 1991 was the first revolution in special effect, The Matrix 1999 was the second revoluiton in special effects.
Cool fact: The german dub for this scene changed the dialogue a bit Agent: Only human. Trinity: Only agent. Pretty badass.
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The time when i had something clubbed to death. 3.
常威好波! Nice fight, Shang Wai XD.









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