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Release year - 1994

Writer - Roger Avary

country - USA

1748748 vote

user ratings - 9,5 / 10 star

Pulp Fiction is a movie starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson. The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption

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Pulp Fiction, celebrating 25 years! 1994-2019) 🎊🎉🎂.

You seriously won't want to miss today's Earthling Cinema on Pulp Fiction. Seriously.

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Doesn't Jules take two lives at the beginning of the film? RIP Flock of Seagulls.
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No one. Absolutely no one. Joker after killing those bastards on the train.
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This watch, it took a lickin' but kept on tickin' and I, I rinsed it real good.

Hello, little man. Boy I sure heard.
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Gen-x audiences, overstuffed by the yupped-out aesthetic of the Spielberg/John Hughes eighties, were dying for a soupcon of seventies grunge- something urban and gritty, but ironic and retro, to fit the cynical, beat-out, slackitudinous mood of the late George Bush era. That's how Quentin Tarantino served his wake-up call to the world with RESERVOIR DOGS in 1991, the alarm clock that jolted American cinema's eyes open after the long coma between BLUE VELVET and it. And PULP FICTION was the one that knocked the ball out of the park- commercially speaking. To find a cultural nerve-pinching phenomenon of similar force, you'd have to go back to BONNIE AND CLYDE or EASY RIDER. But even they didn't have the seismic, global force of this movie: it may be hard to remember a few years later, but this picture, and its author, were burned onto the public consciousness and referenced 24/7 for long, long after its release.

Seen in retrospect, it's clear what put the movie over- it's like a smooth, upscale theme store stocked with gen-x fetish items (heroin! faded seventies icon! jherri curls! tongue-in-cheek machismo! Kool and the Gang! Fruit Brute! that could make the most out-of-it yahoo feel like a hipster.

What's also clear is that it's a logy, stilted, stagebound piece of work that doesn't seem to take place in any lifelike universe, even a stylized one. The only rhythm the movie can claim is that of a writer impressed with his ability to make coiled, jivy dialogue. Scenes drag on and on as Tarantino keeps on stylin. The center section of the movie- a boxer's romance with a French honeypie and his escape from a gangster he's double-crossed- is so thoroughly leaden and spontaneity-deprived you'd think it would've been enough to sink the movie alone. But somehow the combination of the star-studded cast and the "inside" y, you-can-be-hip feel of the picture made it a blockbuster of the calibre usually reserved for movies about skyscrapers or planets exploding.

Sadly, Tarantino, after a long, nail-biting hiatus, made his first genuinely great movie, JACKIE BROWN, which highlights all his strengths and eschews each of his flaws. All the fans who obsessed over the smallest minutiae of PULP greeted this impressive, grown-up work with a shrug and a quick retreat.

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I love his mustache <3.
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Made by the first company to ever.
Tarantino's acting killed me...
Hands down, one of my favorite movies of all time. I have been a huge QT fan for a long time now, probably since the first time I have seen Reservoir Dogs) but this movie blew me out of the water. There are so many different aspects to this movie. So many different camera shots, so many different cameos from different movies. QT has this amazing way of telling a movies plot in chapter form and leaving it up to the audience to figure it out. Its so hard to even walk away during one of his movies to go to the bathroom because you are scared you are going to miss some important part of the movie. And believe me, every since frame of his movies are so important to the over all story line. I loved this movie, ground making, must watch, awesome movie.

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Travolta should've won the Oscar that year. The dancing is fine but he's also showing his discomfort and worry that Marcellus will kill him if he steps over the line with Mia. Lots of tension and so funny too.
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Hi Guys, would you want the entire movie? Then search in Google as: CineHub4U to find the whole film.
Make wrist watches. You see, up until.
The Orbit Of The Clock - Colors Of Sound 95.
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Oh man I shot marvin in the face.

You got to show love for this one 2.

The best movie of all times haters can go to he* for all I care.
I LOVE this movie.
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Who is watching this movie for the first time.
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Stabbing her in the heart with a tiny sword. it appears Mia is immortal. Importantized. LOL, amazing. And a great analysis too.
Home to my family. And now, little.
Quite easily Samuel L. Jackson's most intimidating scene ever.
This movie was great. It made my day.
Some great actors and a great director, fantastic film.

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The moment I got to the letters nig, auto suggest went silent.
Again gives absolutely no Insight into anything. if u know what it all meant then wtfs in that briefcase.
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John trovolta is dancing. Uma Thurman is swimming.


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Cast Henry Czerny, Samara Weaving;
Writed by Guy Busick;
Description All of us have made certain efforts so our in-laws will like us, but Grace is going to have to give it her all if she wants to fit in with her brand new husbands wealthy dynasty, who require her to follow a brutal tradition: for the bride to try to survive her wedding night while the rest of them hunt her down. The class struggle stuff hits the proverbial fan in this extremely black satire starring a brilliant Samara Weaving and including an uncommonly perverse Andie MacDowell;
directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett;
Tomatometer 7,6 of 10 Star;
release date 2019

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This is definitily a comedy / horror movie, anyone looking for one or the other will be dissapointed, hense the many negative reviews.

But for me, this just works, I liked the story, the factor of married in relatives of the family going along with the ritual just because they want to stay rich, the accidental deaths. It all just worked.

Anyone watching will be thinging how will this end. and although it does kind of go down how I thought it might at the beginning, I thought it was a good ending, which almost never happens in types of movies.

I watch a LOT of horror movies and this was one of the most enjoyable I've seen in a long time.

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People rating this movie a 1 or 2 are simply just wrong. Your reasons for a low rating like that is just ridiculous. It's a comedy horror and clearly states that and the trailer clearly shows you that. Sooooo why moan about it having comedic moments in the movie? Just plain dumb.

This is a comedy horror done right, it's dark humour breaks up the gore and violence up perfectly. The characters are perfect from the creepy over the top aunt to the leading protagonist Samara weaving. Acting is on point and the movie never slows up(dig to the crazy person saying it's boring)

The movie actually has an ending, and what a great ending too. The movie delivers on everything they intended to give you and more.

Sooo don't listen to the non constructive low critics and make your own decision and go watch.

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What I got was a very dry dark comedy that just basically gives up at the end (and wastes kills. As a hardcore slasher fan, I went in looking for some decent kills, and maybe a decent survivor girl, but you get none of that with this. I can't even remember one single kill. It was just a bunch of offscreen stuff and quick shots of aftermath gore.

If you're a slasher fan looking for some good kills, skip this one, it's not made for you.

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Movie info=A faded television actor and his stunt double strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywoods Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles;
Release Date=2019;
Tomatometer=8,2 / 10;
Cast=Brad Pitt;
Duration=2h 41Min

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I loved this movie! I have watched it three times on DVD, of course. I felt DiCaprio and Pitt provided equal high quality performances! This has been the best movie I have watched in the past two years, by far.

Once upon a time in hollywood full movie netflix.
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Umm hmm, said Tarantino stopped talking after a freakin eternity! 😄 So much passion man.

Once upon a time in hollywood reaction full movie

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I like that sony used the Columbia pictures logo from the 60s in this movie! Its awesome.

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Once Upon a Time. in Hollywood Full movie page.
Once upon a time in hollywood full movie tamil.
Django Unchained: “12,000 for Hildy, or were gonna examine the dimples in Broomhildas skull! Now! Whats it gonna be Doc? ” Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: “50,000 in my lap or imma throw this little pitcher down a well! You got that, Boston? Huh.
I can add on to that, Leo says, but how could I possibly get in more than a few words edgewise.

Once Upon a Time. in Hollywood Full movie page imdb.
After watching, You can share your feedback by leaving a review or a comment.
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The girl that played Sharon Tate looked more like Peggy Lipton from the Mod Squad.
Was waiting for him to smash the blender top on the ground in anger.
No going to lie when I saw Luke Perry on screen, I cried. The best. RIP.
Once upon a time in hollywood full movie english.
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I died laughing when I watched Inglorious Basterds for the first time when he spoke Italian with the THICKEST American accent 😂.
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Once Upon a Time. in Hollywood Full.

Once upon a time... in hollywood full movie today.

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First rule of fight club: you do not talk about fight club.
Once upon a time... in hollywood full movie video.
I swear he is the best ! I cannot stop watching this scene.
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Once upon a time in hollywood full movie explained.
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If that little girl thinks That was the best acting she has ever seen in her whole life. she hasn't seen Leonardo Dicaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
Once upon a time in hollywood full movie online.
Once upon a time in hollywood full movie reaction.
If Leo wasnt such a pretty boy he would be given the credit he deserves for his exceptional acting skills.
Once upon a time in hollywood full movie.
Im sick and tired of Leo not getting his just Due! Everyone was talking about brads performance. I have theories.

Once upon a time in hollywood full movie online free.
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8:59 and this stuntman theory is quite brilliant, great job BBC.
Once upon a time. in hollywood full movie.
I am the devil and i'm here to do the devil's work. Nah, it was dumber than that. Something like Tex.
Brads head: wow this is a great interviewer Margots head: cant believe Im between Leo and brad Leos head: global warming is here and its a serious issue that we should all be caring about.

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Leo is not there at all. Probably thinking about global warming or rain forests

Once Upon a Time. in Hollywood Full movies.
I rented it on here and watched it two days in a row because its that amazing. Freakin love it. Of course its sad about the true story with the Manson Family Murders but this was a very great story.
1:28. that's a lot of money WELL she's a lot of little girl.

The scene where he was fighting himself in the trailer was amazing acting...
There is one more. One of the background audio pieces features the late Humble Harv Miller on 93 KHJ along with Robert W. Morgan, Don Steele and Charlie Tuna. Humble Harv caught his wife messing around, so he killed her. After a relatively short prison sentence, Harv returned to the L.A. airwaves at KRLA.
Once upon a time in hollywood full movie hd.
Some of Leo's most deep and thoughtful comments in this interview: 3:10 3:35 4:20 11:30 13:06 13:10 13:13.
Once upon a time... in hollywood full movie english.
Once upon a time... in hollywood full movie youtube.
I wish this was the interviewer on the The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables parts.
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Once upon a time... in hollywood full movie dailymotion.

Once upon a time... in hollywood full movie watch

Mergot Robbie is sitting between Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Girls. she won.
Once Upon a Time. in Hollywood full movie.
The one person who doesn't like this has most likely been punched in the face.











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