Jun 16, 2020





The index is sales-weighted, year-over-year same-store sales growth for a sample of large US general merchandise retailers representing about 9,000 stores. By dollar value, the Index represents over 80% of the "official" retail sales series collected by the Department of Commerce. ​http://www.redbookresearch.com/

Daily survey of 1500 American adults Sun-Thurs. Index is a 3-day moving average based on five questions about the current state of both the economy and personal finances, whether the economy and personal finances are getting better or worse, and whether the economy is in a recession. ​https://www.rasmussenreports.com/

Number of claims filed by unemployed individuals after separation from an employer. Data collected from local unemployment offices.​https://oui.doleta.gov/unemploy/

Number of continued claims filed by unemployed individuals to receive benefits. Data collected from local unemployment offices.​https://oui.doleta.gov/unemploy/

The ASA Staffing Index tracks temporary and contract employment trends. Participants include a stratified panel of small, medium, and large staffing companies that together provide services in virtually all sectors of the industry. They account for about one-third of industry sales offices. ​https://americanstaffing.net/

Treasury receipts of income and payroll taxes withheld from paychecks. The series is filtered for daily volatility patterns and adjusted for tax law changes. ​https://taxtracking.com/

Weekly production tonnage provided from 50% of the domestic producers combined with monthly production data for the remainder.​https://www.steel.org/industry-data

Weekly product supplied minus change in stock of finished gasoline and distillate fuels. This estimates wholesale gasoline + diesel sales to retailers and large end users (e.g., UPS). Published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration in the Weekly Petroleum Status Report.


Total carloads and intermodal units reported by railroad companies to the Association of American Railroads ​https://www.aar.org/data- center/

Total output for U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) investor-owned electric companies. ​https://www.eei.org/


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