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著者 : John Lescroart
出版社: Signet  528ページ $7.99 838円 June2002
感想 : 2005.10.10,2005.10.11,2005.11.14各日記にも一部掲載。

たぶん日本語版は出ていない? だからあらすじばらしちゃいます。もしご自分で読まれるおつもりなら、この下は読まないで。

水族館でのボランティア中に死んだwhite sharkの腹から出てきた手首。主人公の検事Hardyは気になる。実業家の死体が上がる。殺したのは誰? 彼が生前交際していたのは元売春婦、日本人女性。彼女が逮捕される。その後無実、検事失職。彼女と以前交際していたのは判事。それも主人公の元妻の父。Hardyは弁護士になる。判事が裁判にかけられる。犯人は彼の娘...殺人の理由は、父をとられるから。(近親相姦)
日本人売春婦の自殺方法が...ハラキリなのだ。(Her body was discovered slumped over a make-shift altar in her apartment, dressed in the ceremonial white robes of the Japanese ritual suicide known as seppuku, or more commonly, hara-kiri. Most other essential forms on that rityal were carried out as well. Tha altar had been strewn with oaoers from litigation.)

Remember, we are Japanaese. Her fateher never able to get over his internment in Arizona during WWII. When he was a boy, snatched with his whole familu from his home. THe excuse for his whole life. We will never belong. Harboring the hatred and dissapointment in who he was, who they all were, doing it out to her mother, to his children.

疑われた理由: I'm Japanese.No, she told herself. That was her father's ansert. But it was too kate to retract it now. And it's true, she said. You do suspect me, with no reason.

失職に関連して(ここの心理描写すごいと思う、体験者? もっともアメリカなら終身雇用じゃないしね)) : Those people-men and women-could power uour engines if you weren't settled down. But if you had a career and a family and a rhythm to your life, a blast like that could only destroy things. If you wanted to keep your orbit you avoidede that extra juice.
At first, it was a nagging unease, a touch of insomnia. He hadn't wanted to admit how much he'd invested, how great had been the risk...But in the long and formless days stretching before him, he was starting to come to the numbing realization that he'd failed in one of the fundamental decisions in his life. He'd been fired, His services were not wanted. It wasn't that the people he worked for were so honorable or talented or better at their jobs than he was, at least he didn't think so, but the fact that he'd been judgend by those people and found unacceptably wanting. Never mind their standards. Hw was out, they were in. It got to him. He found himself internalizing the rjection. More, he couldn't seem to get it out of him. Who was he at forty, anyway? A castoff, a reject. ... He told his wife, he didn't want to be underfoot all dau. He'd go out and interview a few places, get some work, try to get some feeling back that he was doing something worthwile, that maybe he was worthwile. People were nice, but they didn't hire him. ... Hw thought he was a logical man, and logic was telling him that in terms of the marketplaces, he was worthless. Well, shit, he wasn't going to accept taht. He'd lived pretty good life, thank you, and it damn sure wasn't over yet. The hell with the rest of you.... But once you started thinking people didn't want you, it was easy to start believing nobdy wanted you for anything. You were just a burden, a drag, plain and simple, not able to carry your own weight,妻に対してもhe resolved to put on a happy face. Lots of laughs, 問題を知らない他人を捜す。その方が気楽。 6weeks had passed.... Enough is Enough. It was time to beat this thing, not let the bastards get him down.
妻→夫 : I don't know. You've somehow let those idiots make you feel they're better than you are, which is ridiculous. What's so hot about them? What have they done? Why does it matter what they think of you? They are not right. You are not a loser. Because I'm smart and I wouldn't have married a loser. Don't let them do this to you, to me. If you do they will have won.... Let's just move on.

判事の感覚 : It was ironic. Leo was a judge whi believed there was justice in the world. Or should be. He had believed that if you worked hard and did a good job people came to value yoou. You got promoted. You moved up. 判事と手サラリーマンの悲哀。

箸の使い方 : 中華料理店なのに、折り鶴(日本文化でしょ? 中国のなの?)の話の後、箸袋(これも日本文化じゃなかったっけ?)に書いてあったのが : Learn how to use your chopsticks. Tuck under thumb and hold firmly. Add second chopstick in original position move the second one up and down Now you can pick up anything! これでできる?

留置所での食事:cold powdered eggs
shoplifting、prior, misdemeanor for a plea, aggravated assaults, plead nolo, weekend jail time

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