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Swan Lake Interview

Adam Cooper Interview about Swan Lake by Bunkamura
26th,Feb.2003  at Tokyu Bunkamura Orchard Hall,Shibuya,Tokyo

You can hear the voices of fantastic three Swans ,and also can see the handsome faces of those who performed in Japan,Adam Cooper,Jesus Pastor and Yasuyuki Shuto.
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Q ;(Japanese-- You have danced on opening day,yesterday,and what do you feel?)
Adam ;Very happy,and tired.And---(Japanese Translation--I did’nt)expect them quite as mad as they did last night,and it was a great shock for everyone of us,but very nice one as well.

Q ;(Japanese--You have danced this role after three years since last time you did,do you have any change of your understanding of this role?)
Adam ;Ah,Now I think,I mean ,I think you’re right that different people had taken Swan Lake different way depending on her---(Japanese Translation --With Ben and Marguerite,we have danced)----many times before.same role,same as always my slut?? coming back and revisiting our performances,again.But very exciting, because company around us is different for us ,it kind of felt saying (that) had a new energy.It made even more exciting.
Q ;(Japanese--Please tell me what point have you oridginally choreographed?)
Adam ; Ah,yeah, I mean ,the way the Matthew Bourne’s works is unique------(Japanese Translation--a curved neck of swans and whip )----wasn’t just Matthew’s or just me but a excerpt the brief about four of us looking at the video of swans,actually fitted the swans, and how they react with each other, with human’s,when they coming to contact human’s are,from those videos, we came up to a sort of dance version,and that’s what you see on stage.

Q ; (Japanese--You have studied the movement of swans?)
Adam ; Yeah,we wanted to make the swans,um---,very different from the way swan’s appearance in classic ballet Swan Lake.
---(Japanese Translation)----the way swan’s are,any classical version of Swan Lake you see.

Q ;(Japanese--Do you have any influence from other casts?)
Adam ; To be fair,I have’nt seen them dancing,really,yet.Because we had a short rehersal time and in which to do it------(Japanese Translation)----fewly,because it physically such a demanding role,that it would be impossible to do day after day after day,we have to have a rest. So,we had quite a few other swans,I’ve been years. I think you guess something from a fulsome? really. I think my performances are pretty close to it was when we first time I did.---as much as --always grows very much to the based on oridginal I did.

Q ;(Japanese --Would you mind to give us any message to Japanese fans?)
Adam ; Hello,everybody in Japan,and very good to be here,dancing again,and coming to see more Swan Lake,and enjoy very much!

to be fair=公正を期するために言えば

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