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Special announcement

カテゴリ:Special announcement
Happy New Year スマイル!!
Last year thank you so much for your support ピンクハート

Best wishes for a happy new year.四つ葉
I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year !!

P/Sきらきら Please check our Forum Topic "Message to Takanori".
Please post New Year message to Takanori四つ葉

Last updated  2007.01.01 12:33:03

カテゴリ:Special announcement
tmrevolutionist's has special event "holiday gift exchange extravaganza! " ,called 『NOT-SO-SECRET SANTA』

ピンクハートWhat it is..
TMRevolutionist's Not-So-Secret Santa project is our holiday project for 2006.
It's after Thanksgiving and we're all in the spirit of giving (and recieving ^_~);
Therefore, we're organizing a TMR related gift exchange!
After you join, you will become someone's Secret Santa, and you will also be given a Secret Santa!
Members won't know who is giving them a gift, and they hopefully won't be familiar with who they're sending one to.
But why is it "not-so-secret"? Because only I will know who your gift-giver is!

More information is here.

If you have time, please join it スマイル

Last updated  2006.11.30 18:14:34
カテゴリ:Special announcement
The musical of the Takanoi Nishikawa starring was decided.
This time, Takanori first challenges the real musical comedy.ハート(手書き)

ピンクハートTittle of Musical :"How To Succeed-How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying-"
青ハートSchedule :
Tokyo:On April 21-May 13 2007,Place is Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (middle hall).
Osaka :On May 16-May 19,2007,Place is Umeda Arts Theater
Nagoya:On May 25 and 26,2007,Place is Nagoya Kouseinenkin hall

黄ハートTicket general release date:February 3, 2007(only Tokyo)
緑ハートTciket fee :S seat 11,000Japanese yen /
A seat 9,000Japanese yen(only Tokyo)
We will infrom about tiket of Osaka and Nagoya soon.

ピンクハートHost,Project,Production:Fuji Television
Fuji Television website is here.
青ハートInquiry:Teredome TEL:0180-993-327(tape guide for 24 hours)

西川さん主演のミュージカル「ハウ・トゥー・サクシード/ -努力しないで出世する方法-」が決定しましたハート(手書き)
Fuji Televisionのサイト:http://www.fujitv.co.jp/events/stage/succeed/index.html

Last updated  2006.11.14 12:23:50
カテゴリ:Special announcement
5th Offline Meeting in NEW YORK,USA
Hi guys, it's us again with another meetup!
This fall's meetup will be in Bryant Park.

ハート(手書き)INFORMATIONMeeting: Bryant Park
Meeting Place: On the steps of The New York Public Library (adjacent to Bryant Park. see map below.)
Date: September 30, 2006
Time: 12:00pm
Directions: By Subway: Take the B, D, F, or V train to "42st/Bryant Park" station. OR Take the 7 to 5th Avenue
MAP (X marks the meetup spot! ^_^)

スマイルEVENTI know it's rather short notice for a meetup, but don't worry, besides transportation and lunch we wont be doing anything that requires money.

1. We will meet in front of the New York Public Library on 5th ave.
2. Lunchtime in Bryant Park! There are some great places to grab food nearby such as Burger King and several nice japanese mini-marts and luncheons.
3. No trivia or games this time, just fun conversation, taking pictures, and hanging out!
4. Later on we will take a short trip to 3 of our favorite places to get TMR music, books, magazines, and DVDs!

More detailed is here.

Last updated  2006.09.26 12:44:36
カテゴリ:Special announcement
Hello everyone !!

Takanori did post of a message in Japanese BBS of T.M.R. Official website. So I translate Takanori's message into English and do post BBS of English version.えんぴつ This message alreday updated English BBS. So please check it !!
Takanori said "Thank you a lot of message from home and abroad". He checked message of overseas fan.四つ葉

T.M.Revolution official website is here.

西川さんが9/22にT.M.R. Official websiteの日本語BBSに書込みをしました。英語に翻訳して英語版BBSに書込みしました。もうアップsれているので、どうぞチェックしてくださいね。スマイル

Last updated  2006.09.26 11:29:16
カテゴリ:Special announcement
As you know, September 19th was a birthday of Takanori.お誕生日
A lot of overseas fans did post of "Happy Brithday messageりぼん" in BBS of T.M.Revolution official site (English version).

And today Takanori did post message to fan in turbo-web .."Thank you a lot of message from home and abroad "きらきら

Takanori checks message of an overseas fan. スマイルWhen I read this message of Takanori, I was very glad.Takanori care about an overseas fan.ハート(手書き)Takanori is really gentle. Let's support Takanori in cooperation with fans of all over the world from now on.四つ葉Relly thank you for Takanori and Happy Birthday to Takanoriハート(手書き)

ご存知のように9月19日は西川さんの誕生日でしたお誕生日たくさんの海外ファンがT.M.RevolutionのオフィシャルサイトのBBSに"Happy Birthday"のメッセージを書いていましたえんぴつ

Last updated  2006.09.22 20:16:18
カテゴリ:Special announcement
As you know, Special event of T.M.Revolution was performed in USJ on September 19th.きらきら
We write a report now.So Please waite a little.

We will inform of website that introduces this event today.スマイル
You can see a photograph and moving image of event.
四つ葉A goo broadband navigator (moving image) is here.
四つ葉Sport Hochi is here.
四つ葉Sponichi Osaka is here.
四つ葉Daily Sport is here.
Please do check in a hurry. きらきら

Last updated  2006.09.22 13:34:24
カテゴリ:Special announcement
The details of a collaboration event of Universal Studio Japan and T.M.Revolution on September 19,2006ベル
ハート(手書き)Information of Universal Studio Japan is here.

りぼんAt the Sorciere ,from 10:30
Sorciere guest appearance (About 30 minutes)

The mystrious people who swing and spin at a tower soaring high.
On ground, welter of colorful cart and clothes.
A singing voice of Nishikawa echoes only on this day.
It is the emotionally stirring artistic aerial entertainment.ハート(手書き)

マイクSpecial Live in Never Land of Peter Pan,from 18:00(About 1 hour)

Live concept is...
A new lost boy came over in Never Land of Peter Pan.
Peter is looking for a lost child as always, and he found Nishikawa-san and brought him in Never Land.ハート(手書き)
The reason is because a heart of Nishikawa-san believed a fairy as a boy heartily.Nishikawa-san was pleased with their welcome and decided to show his most proud song.スマイル
And it is his birthday today.お誕生日 And a splendid memorial day. Peter decided to do celebration together.

カメラ(↓ Never Land of Peter Pan)

Last updated  2006.09.13 12:46:57
カテゴリ:Special announcement
9.19 Collaboration Goods of USJ and T.M.Revolution
It is collaboration goods of only on this day(September 19,2006)ハート(手書き)
Collaboration Goods of USJ and T.M.Revolution is here.

四つ葉P/S We will send Winds-Turbo news letter about these special goods,as soon as possible.So please check our news letter and our Forum (Topic is T.M.Revolution goods order)eメール

9月19日に行なわれるUniversal Studio Japan とT.M.Revolutionのコラボレーション・イベントがいよいよ近づいてきましたきらきら先日、USJとT.M.Rのコラボレーショングッズも発表!!9/19限りのコラボレーショングッズだそうですプレゼント

Last updated  2006.09.10 19:07:20
カテゴリ:Special announcement
Hello everyone !!
Please check BBS of T.M.Revolution official website.
On Augest 31, Takanori posted message to a Japanese version of T.M.Revoluiton official website. きらきら
So I translated and posted Takanori's message to English BBS of T.M.Revolution official website. Message alreday updated. ぽっ
So Please check it about Takanori's message
But...Perhaps,sorry my English is bad..雫
T.M.Revolution official website is here

西川さんが8月31日にT.M.R official websiteの日本語版BBSに書込みをしましたハート(手書き)西川さんのメッセージを英語に翻訳してT.M.R Official websiteの英語版BBSに書込みしました。すでにアップされていますので、よかったら読んでくださいねぽっ by Taka

Last updated  2006.09.05 18:53:39

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