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no they didn't, did they just steal the but I know what love isline from Forrest Gump?!


Is that bomer
goodness... so many people are being offensive over little things nowdays... the trailer looks good by the way.
Now THIS is one outstanding movie!!!!! My senses are going off already. If the people of today’s society could get an education long enough with truth and not “falsities” like others mixed up, congested, inhumane, unethical, belittling ways of injecting into”what is taught”, then we would all see a much more sustainable, happier society.....honestly! Remove the judgment, discrimination, dehumanizing, unethical, immoral, and just all the disgustingly disdaining ways one human can be to another and just realize EVERYONE DESERVES LOVE and NOT anyone’s degrading, hatred filled, blatantly disregarding other humans in your judgmental ways, then you just might see a much happier world. How many times do you see a transsexual, a homosexual, a lesbian, etc. cause ANY KIND OF GRIEF b/c of your choice of how you are?! Yeah, just like we chose this! What age in the womb did heterosexuals pick what orientation you wanted?! No one would choose such a hard life to live.....and this is DUE TO everyone’s NEGATIVE impacts on our own rights to live and to be happy. This one deserves EVERY AWARD POSSIBLE!!!!.

With lips like that 69 you anytime
The trailer appealed to me, BUT as a graphic designer by profession, the typeface for Getting Grace SUCKED! I had a great studio director who would point to things like that and say, Quriky over-worky. At least it was presented in stripes and polka dots..
Rosanna Arquette!!!!!!! Nice to see her back in full swing. Plus, she gets a sexy younger dude.


Awaken the Shadowman


does anyone know where i can see this movie? or did it get shamed out of distribution?

This looks horrible. Like please can we boycott this garbage

My grandpa wrote the script🤗


You were supposed to. You know what it is

Hollywood, stop casting cis men as trans women it’s insulting.

Thought it was Tom Hanks in drag.
Well Matt is following jared letos foot steps.. Dallas buyers club the sequel? Tho this was the entire movie
When you date a transgender, choose the beautiful one. She must look like a woman, not man in dress ... just look at Thailand transgender. They are very pretty.
Movie Errol Morris´s Oscar Short Film For Free

lol...it isn't just love buddy.....its a psychological misnomer

Ok my gaydard is gone! Matt Bomer looks good as a woman!

Amor es amor
Matt Bomer, no no, that's.......I mean it worked for Jared Leto, but , c'mon man
It looks like a great flick but if they'd cast a trans woman in the leading role, it would sweep the industry by storm.
I don't think I myself will ever date a transgender guy/woman, but I fully support the idea that everybody should get a shot at happiness. Our lives are so short, why wasting our time hating each other? Just let people be who they wanna be as long as they are trying to be a decent person. That's what it matters. Some people are perfect physiologically, but they do things so bad that you can't even begin to imagine. Try to condemn those people if you need someone to hate..

A Fantastic Woman | Official Trailer HD (2017)
Funny story, my history teacher teacher taught Daniel Roebuck who plays bill and all he talks about is how when he had danny he actually wanted to be an actor as a kid but not a lot of people believed him lol.
I thought Adrienne Shelley was dead but that is definitely her
This made me Cry, Ya`ll! So much feels. I`m going to watch this and cry like a little kid. And love every minute of it.

Maybe, just maybe, one day, mainstream media will use actual trans actors and actresses instead of cis-gendered ones. Sadly, today is not that day..
I liked the two leads in their roles, I just found a bit odd for my taste that he could go for it. I do not know about that type of relationships too much, but the story is interesting and the support cast is good too..


Wonderful film.
Love,is not just an attraction,in form physical or sexual, but emotional.My Love to man as a man is to my Dad and my Son my Grandfather and other man but is not like that.....the animal and sexual love and attraction is for a man to be toward a woman...not to another man.Lets not put here that sick moments are ok in every day peoples lives...its not. TH.
This looks okay.
Another homo love story how original.


Oh god. The comment section... Anyone who uses the term cis unironically is an imbecile
Trauma is a Time Machine
Wasn't she in me, earl and dying girl?
It was such a realistic movie that many ones needed! Thanks for making a movie like this. True message! This is what i would call the Gospel !
Masquerading as Patricia Arquette





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