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I've been working for pharmaceutical company as MR (Medical Representative) for 2Oyears, and I've been continuing to have dream and challenging spilit in my mind.
To become international MR in globalized medical industry, to contribute to doctors and many steakholder thank to a lot of favor given by them, start this blog in order to find out what I shoud do.
I appreciate you if you read English and Japanese free essay.
The doctor, with whom I had an interview, said a lot of patients pay slight attention to influenza. He also wondered how many people take little care of flu appropriately with the story about the sports instructor, who must be aware of healthy matters, had worked at sport club without enough recovery.

In Japan flu is going to be prevailing recently. Once we are infected with influenza, we are afflicted with tough symptoms such as fever over 40, joint pain, muscle pain and so on for some days. What the worse, children might be suffered from acute encephalopathy. People in inadequate condition such as the elder are easy to become more serious like pneumonia.

What we should most recognize is that flu is too infectious disease. Unless patient with flu has recovered enough, he or she could scatter the virus to others in the closed room at offices or schools. Moreover in case of waiting room at clinics and hospitals, patients are more at risk for its easy infectiousness.

About ten or so years ago we Japanese ought to be ashamed to “sick leave”. Even if I had a fever over 40, my boss used to command me “Come to the office. I ‘ll decide if you can take sick leave by judging your face.” No kidding? Sometime “Your cold was caused by your negligence.”

Nowadays such “brave” bosses might have been almost extinct.
If you were infected with flu, you are infectious agent yourself. If you infect influenza virus to others, they would be obliged to tough symptoms, to worse matter lethal conditions might be considered in case of elder or new born people.

If you cannot help do business despite heavy flu, you could work in your home thanks to the Internet or pc’s in present days.

And that we must not be off guard because we got vaccinations. Although vaccinations heighten our immune level, we cannot prevent from flu completely.
It is still important for prevention to continue to do effective ways such as wearing masks, washing hands, gargling, avoiding places many people visits, keeping good conditions with enough nutrition and rests and so on.
Those actions would definitely have little opportunities to get flu and therefore prevents prevalence of flu.








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