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Tadami Yamada
"In the World''
Oil on canvas, 2019



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Oct 22, 2020
 人間の身体構造にまだ多くの未知が在ると言われている。しかしながら、このたびオランダの癌研究所などのチームがいままでその存在がまったく知られていなかった「臓器」を発見したというニュースに、私は驚いた。2020年の今になって「臓器」を新発見するなんて! アンドレアス・ヴェサリウスによって近代解剖学が始まって約500年も経っているのに!
 「超音波やCTスキャン、磁気共鳴断層撮影(MRI)といった一般的な検査ではではこの臓器は見つけられず,前立腺がんの転移を調べるPSMA PET/CTという先端のスキャン検査で初めて見つかった。」とCNNは解説している。(2020.10.22 Thu posted at 11:09 JST)

 ・・・チェッ、自分の身体だぜ! 俺はいったいどういう構造なんだ?

   It is said that there are still many unknowns in
the human body structure. However, I was sur-
prised at the news that a team of the Dutch
Cancer Institute have discovered an "organ"
whose existence was completely unknown.
Discoverung new "organ" now in 2020! It's
been about 500 years since modern anatomy
was started by Andreas Vesalius!
   CNN reported it with the image. According
to it, there is a pair of "glands" inside the skull
where the nasal cavity and throat connect. The
reserch team confirm the presence of this
organ in all 100subjects.
   Why was it possible to discover an unknown
organ now (or around this time)?
   "General tests such as ultrasound, computed
tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI) did not find this organ, but it was first
found by a leading-edge scan test called
PSMA PET/CT, which examines the metastasis
of prostate cancer.", Explaons CNN. (2020.10.
22 Thu posted at 11:09 JST)

   It seems that future research must be done
to find out what this organ is for.

   Actually, this morning I was talking with my
family about "aspiration". The mortality rate 
of the elderly due to aspiration pneumonia is
increasing. I'm also an old man, so I talked
about being careful. And I can say that "the
airway and esophagus are both in the throat"
and "The genitals and the urinary organs
coexist" in the structure of the human body
are the economics of the human body struc-
ture. However, I said that it is a mysterious
structure because it is an economy that 
poses a great risk to life.
   Because I had just talked about sich a 
joke, I was even more surprised by the news
that they had discovered an unknown organ.
In the light of human anatomy economics,
there ahould be no "useless features". It
must have some role. What kind of role is
   Phew! It's my body! What kind of structure
do I have?

Tadami Yamada

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