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a way of life

カテゴリ:a way of life
I've finished reading "The Ultimate Study Method to Make the Brain Serious"
now. Most of the cells in the brain are decreasing with age, but there is a
part that creates new cells in an exceptional way, which is the part of the
hippocampus as large as the little finger on the bottom of the brain.
Although the cell are born newly, peoples feel that their memory becomes
worse when they get older, because they cannot use mechanical memory for
which they must use much energy, as like when they were young.
However, the association memories that associate and memorize things is said
that if you accumulate various knowledge and relate and remember it even
getting older, you cannot lose to young people.
Hippocampus can be grown by way of study and lifestyle. What kind of
lifestyle is good is to always make hungry time between meals without eating
dull. Be sure to eat breakfast, and recommend brown rice, five grain rice,
and rye bread etc., they do not raise the blood glucose value suddenly . It
is better to keep blood sugar level for a long time.
. Because sleep removes brain waste, it is necessary to ensure sleeping time
for 7 - 8 hours. And it is possible to cultivate the hippocampus directly by
walking and jogging to a degree that breath slightly bounces at exercise and
if you have a habit of doing it for about 30 minutes every day, you will
make you not only smarter but also you can prevent and treat the dementia
and the depression.
The above is a way to raise hippocampus, but stress will destroy it at the
contrary and cause it to atrophy. The way to protect the hippocampus from
the stress is to have a dream. Having a dream and studying for it is the
silver bullet for relieving stress. The content of the dream is for
instance, to travel through Japan, to become able to play some song on
guitar, to become able to understand foreign movies without subtitles, etc.
Anything is fine and the hippocampus does not shrink if you strive toward
that goal. A dream is not a youth's privilege. Let the old man have a dream,

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カテゴリ:a way of life

I went to my hospital to observe the inpatients this morning. As there were
many works to order about drip infusions or medicines, it was late to come
home over 11.40. But as I was going to exercise to strike the golf balls
after visiting hospital, I dropped into an exercises center of a golf,
because I have not exercised long time. I tried to shoot with my driver
But I could not hit the ball smoothly. I could not drive the ball to a long
distance. I have long carrier for golf, and I could hit farer away
sometimes. I tried again and again, but I couldn’t shoot a ball far away.
My emotions dropped to the bottom. There are no joy while my emotion is
depressed. I think I must change my emotions from depression to positive
feelings. Life is short. It is same life to have depressive emotions or
joyful emotions. It is not good for me not to be able to hit a golf ball
smoothly, but it is worse to have dismal emotions. I must change gloomy
emotions to bright emotions. I will live with positive emotions always this

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カテゴリ:a way of life

New Year began. There was Takeda Shrine near my home, and the visitor of the
New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine made a line. I participated in a meeting
of a certain New Year while passing people. The figure of the people who
gathered for passersby and a meeting of the New Year forcedly got into my
eyes. I thought each person had the life and they would have each wish.
For me, I am the generation when I became oldest as over 75 years and could
die anytime. It was conventional extension what the wish of this year was
and it was not special, but I thought that the laziness was not permitted
for own mission achievement even in a second because the life ran short.
When it is said that I do not permit the laziness, people may think it is
very tight, but I think, actually, being relaxed, and living leisurely.
I check whether an object and the method of the effort are not wrong and
want to be better off more in the life. I should give efficiency for work or
learning. I have lived without aim, but I should live more efficiently this
Because I feel decline of my physical strength day by day recently, I will
think about exercise or the nourishment for increasing health properly.

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カテゴリ:a way of life

Today I examined the petite 68 -year-old woman. Health certificates are
required to enroll in the College of nursing care workers. She has worked as
a nursing assistant after the divorce and had worked for the JAIC 2 years in
Brazil as a volunteer. She said that Hillary Rodham Clinton is working hard
as a presidential candidate of the USA at the age of 68 , so she will fight
as the same age. The same democratic nominee Mr. Sanders is 74 -year-old. He
has been also active in the presidential fighting field. There is a person
who is same age in Japan. He also pressured himself to fight as the same
age of Mr. Sanders.

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カテゴリ:a way of life
Today is Coming of age day. Congratulations to you!
I hope to you growing up as an adult to help people and to build a splendid
peace and nice society sincerely.


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カテゴリ:a way of life
いものだろうか? 吉田松陰は「人生に対する目的を持っていれば失敗はない。何回

We want to live straight along our hope, but we can't live so. We always
regret what we had done or said ourselves. Is there any way without regret?
Shoin Yoshida said if you have an object for life, there is no fault,
everything is useful even if you missed often. If you decide to do what is
the most important thing for you and your society, your mistakes are no
problem. You need not to regret in so far you have a firm object for your
life. I think also we never regret as far as we live with a strong object
for life.

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カテゴリ:a way of life
I am Kenji Goto. I have been captured by ISIS. I entered in Syria to help
Mr. Yugawa. He was killed by ISIS and next is me. I know all Japanese and
many foreigner pray for me to be alive. I thanks all of them sincerely, but
I don’t beg my life, because the dangerous for life is accompaniment to us
war journalist. I was ready for death. Very sorry my mother, my wife and
children, and all Japanese. I believed that ISIS had also human mind, but they
hadn’t. However, I never hate them, because, I sympathize with them in
their poor education and poor life. I wish every person live rightly as
human and help each other. I pray for ISIS and all people in the world to be happy.


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カテゴリ:a way of life
Ms. Brittany Maynard who died at 29 on the day Nov.1st 2014 wrote as below.
I was 29 years old. I'd been married for just over a year. My husband and I
were trying for a family.
Our lives devolved into hospital stays, doctor consultations and medical
research. Nine days after my initial diagnoses, I had a partial craniotomy
and a partial resection of my temporal lobe. Both surgeries were an effort
to stop the growth of my tumor.

In April, I learned that not only had my tumor come back, but it was more
aggressive. Doctors gave me a prognosis of six months to live.
Because my tumor is so large, doctors prescribed full brain radiation. I
read about the side effects: The hair on my scalp would have been singed
off. My scalp would be left covered with first-degree burns. My quality of
life, as I knew it, would be gone.

After months of research, my family and I reached a heartbreaking
conclusion: There is no treatment that would save my life, and the
recommended treatments would have destroyed the time I had left.

Because the rest of my body is young and healthy, I am likely to physically
hang on for a long time even though cancer is eating my mind. I probably
would have suffered in hospice care for weeks or even months. And my family
would have had to watch that.

I did not want this nightmare scenario for my family, so I started
researching death with dignity. It is an end-of-life option for mentally
competent, terminally ill patients with a prognosis of six months or less to
live. It would enable me to use the medical practice of aid in dying. I
quickly decided that death with dignity was the best option for me and my

We had to uproot from California to Oregon, because Oregon is one of only
five states where death with dignity is authorized.
I would not tell anyone else that he or she should choose death with
dignity. My question is: Who has the right to tell me that I don't deserve
this choice?

I plan to celebrate my husband's birthday on October 26 with him and our
family. Unless my condition improves dramatically, I will look to pass soon
When my suffering becomes too great, I can say to all those I love, "I love
you, come be by my side, and come say good bye as I pass into whatever's
next" I will die upstairs in my bedroom with my husband, mother, stepfather
and best friend by my side and pass peacefully. I can't imagine trying to
rob anyone else of that choice.

She died at Nov.1st using the drug prescribed by doctor after cerebrated her
husband’s birthday.
I have objected strongly to suicide or aid to suicide even any heavy
suffering. I have believed that human have not right to die oneself or help
to die.
But after reading this case, I thought I must think more flexibly.






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カテゴリ:a way of life
I read the newspaper about the justice of cutting at AKB48 members on May 25,
2014, this morning. The offender, Satoru Umeda, said that he offend it
because they works brightly and had gotten much money for all he had no job.

There are many person who offend murder, cutting at someone, driving into
the pedestrians, killing oneself, for the complaining about the difference
of his circumstances from other's.

I think one should never compare ones position to another's, because there
are happiness to each person certainly even though seamed then unhappy.

I worked as milk runner, binding book, delivering medicine to a shop,
longshoreman, before becoming doctor. I believe he is happy if he has hope and
challenging mind in spite of any circumstances, even has no job.

I was happy when I was working as the longshoreman at the bay of Harumi Tokyo, because
having challenging mind.






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カテゴリ:a way of life
I am planning to participate in the small group meeting held in the nearside of Lake Kawaguchi on November 1st.
We should introduce ourselves each other at the opening ceremony. I might introduce myself as below.

I am a doctor of medicine and my specialty is Gastroenterology.
My regular days would be doing Endoscopy procedures, attending the outpatients
and the inpatients and also emergency patients during night duties.
When I am free from duty, I have been learning to play the piano, taking voice lessons, playing golf and
studying English conversation. I’m a very busy person but I truly enjoy my life.

Today I want to speak the reason why I became a doctor.
I was bone in a farmer’s house and never think about becoming doctor.
But when I read the book about Albert Schweitzer, I was deeply moved and decided to become a doctor as like him. Schweitzer was successful organist, educator of Philosophy and Theology. He decided at 30 to study medicine for he wanted to become a missionary doctor. Shortly after he graduated as a doctor he went to Africa
to care the people who were suffered by many disease, especially Hansen’s disease, another name Leprosy.
Everyone fear the disease, but he didn’t fear at all. I was impressed greatly by his sprit. And after many difficulties, I became a doctor as like him at a later age.

I am chicken-hearted and afraid of getting infection of disease. But I wish to go to Africa as like him, because I have becom a doctor just impressed by him.
To realize my dream, I am planning to participate in MSF.

MSF was build up in 1971, by group of doctors and journalists aiming to establish an independent organization
focused on emergency medicine and speaking out about the cause of human suffering.
It is one of the world’s leading independent organization, giving medical care to people caught in crisis regardless of race, religion,or political affiliation.
They works every day in all the world especially in Africa.

I am not young now, but there is no limits of ages. I was salvaged from age problem, but there was bigger problem. My wife offered a determined opposition for my plan about going Africa.
I am now appealing to her for permission to do it patiently.

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